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X-Men: Dark Phoenix won't hit our screens for another year, but the incredibly talented actors behind young Professor X, Magneto, Beast and Storm are wasting no time using their superpowers for a good cause. The cast, which includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult and Alexandra Shipp, all took time away from their busy schedules to visit some of their biggest and bravest fans at Montreal Children's Hospital.

While exchanging gifts and superhero tips, the cast spent the day getting to know the kids in treatment at the hospital before stopping for a few pictures to commemorate the day.

The cast made the trip to the hospital shortly after wrapping the film's scenes shot in Montreal. In addition to challenging the kids to play various video games, McAvoy and Hoult can also be seen sporting t-shirts for "Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters".

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the beginning of a new X-Men trilogy, focusing on the stories of the younger mutants. The movie, which has been widely reported as a "two-parter," will mark Simon Kinberg's directorial debut after a long history with the X-Men franchise.

While most fans try to overlook the complicated timeline of the X-Men films, it's notable that the franchise's original Colossus, Daniel Cudmore, will have a mystery role in the upcoming movie.

Who he'll be playing is still unclear at the moment, but hey, anything's possible with the X-Men franchise! While we still don't know much about the upcoming X-Men flick, it's great to see the franchise's most beloved actors teaming up with Montreal Children's Hospital, making their visit a special day to remember for all.

Who do you think Daniel Cudmore will be playing in X-Men: Dark Phoenix?


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