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HBO has been riding high on the success of Game Of Thrones for years, but last night's premiere of Westworld proved that the cable titan can still produce some stellar originals. Reviews for the new series have provided near unanimous praise, and that praise could be followed by more great reviews for the upcoming The Young Pope. HBO released a new teaser trailer for show just before last night's Westworld premiere, giving audiences a glimpse at what to expect from the upcoming religious drama.

The 10-episode series stars Jude Law as Lenny Belardo, the fictitious Pope Pius XIII, the first American pope in Catholic history. He's also the youngest pope ever, meaning there are a fair share of skeptics among the church elite. And judging by the teaser, Belardo's youthful hunger for power will drive the plot, as the young pope promises to bring a revolution to the church. It looks like the series will combine the political intrigue we've seen in the likes of House Of Cards with the world of religion, crafting a narrative that takes a more global look at politics and power.

The new teaser might be just 45 second long, but it does a great job of showing off just what's in store during Belardo's term as the pope. We're diving into the mystery of The Young Pope with a closer look at the new teaser.

"I'm God"

Lenny Belardo becomes the Pope.
Lenny Belardo becomes the Pope.

Lenny Belardo seems more than confident that he deserves his new title, stating within the trailer's opening seconds that he's God. Of course, the bold claim comes as he sums up a statement on God's confounding nature, noting, "I'm a contradiction. Like Mary, virginal mother. Like man, good and evil. I'm God." Right from the start, we can tell that The Young Pope will take a more nuanced look at religion, one that will no doubt be more morally ambiguous than we've seen in the past.

The New Pope Is A Bit Crazy

Belardo's praying for some oxygen, right?
Belardo's praying for some oxygen, right?

You have to be a bit out of the ordinary to become the Pope, and Lenny Belardo's no exception. That's perfectly seen as he takes some time to pray underwater, a ritual we assume is not required of every church leader. As he prays, voiceover narration of Belardo reveals that "This Pope does not negotiate on anything or with anyone," proving that he isn't the sort of kind-hearted church leader you'd expect.

Is The Pope Getting It On?!

Aren't you supposed to go into a booth for Confession?
Aren't you supposed to go into a booth for Confession?

We've already established that Belardo isn't your average pope, but it looks like he might be a hardcore sinner too. We catch a glimpse of the Pope with a woman, and if you look quick it might seem like he's just providing some standard church advice. But look a little closer and you'll notice that her blouse is ripped out of the front of her skirt. Looks like Pope Pius XIII might be doing a bit more than providing spiritual guidance.

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A Lavish Look At Vatican City

Daaaaaaaang Pope you lookin' fresh.
Daaaaaaaang Pope you lookin' fresh.

The upcoming series might focus on the political machinations of its titular young pope, but we're also bound to get a look at what daily life is like in Vatican City. And if the Pope's wardrobe is anything to go by, then it's pretty lavish. Pope Pius XIII is easily the most stylish church leader we've ever seen, clad in all-white with a killer gold chain and wide-brimmed hat that would make even the most high-fashion hipsters jealous.

Want a closer look at The Young Pope? Check out Sky Atlantic's trailer below:

The decadence of Vatican City will no doubt be balanced by a look at Belardo's life before becoming the Pope, which we'll get thanks to Diane Keaton as Sister Mary, the nun responsible for raising Belardo and helping him reach the papacy.

"They Chose A Pope They Didn't Know"

As the teaser comes to a close, it looks like Belardo plans to use his reign as pope to change the church and the world as we know it. We see several glimpses of Pope Pius XIII interacting with other church leaders, and they clearly aren't big fans. And it sounds like he may have risen to power thanks to a healthy degree of lies and deception, revealing that "They chose a Pope they didn't know, and today they're beginning to realize who I am." Did the Catholic church choose the wrong pope? Did Belardo steal the position from a more deserving candidate? Or will his papacy actually be good for the world?

The Young Pope will debut on Sky Atlantic in Italy and Germany on October 21 and in the U.K. on October 27 before HBO brings the show to the U.S. in February 2017. What themes do you hope the religious drama will explore? Let us know in the comments.

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