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Sarah Gibson

It's been a dry few years, but it seems that we are finally making some progress toward getting a Zombieland fit for the small screen.

may direct the proposed series, who according to Movieweb, is currently in talks to helm the project.

I see no reason why he wouldn't want a part of this, and considering his track record with the brilliant comedy horror Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and then partnering him up with the original Zombieland screenwriters and , this just sounds too good to be true. It unclear whether the original cast (including , , and ) are intended to appear even in a one-off passing of the torch, but it's something I'd not hold my breathe over.

Having a show about flesh eaters is a no-brainer right now. With The Walking Dead proving to be a massive hit, and World War Z and Warm Bodies on the way, let's hope the hunger for zombies is still plentiful and that Craig can pull this one off.

Are you ready for a Zombieland television series? You know what to do; drop us your comments below.


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