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TVLine is reporting that the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead season 4 will be called "30 Days Without an Accident." It's being written by the new showrunner, Scott M. Gimple. I'm assuming that this means that the show will jump at least a month into the future without a zombie attack. However, if you're family with the show, the comics, or TellTale's amazing WD game, you know that safety isn't really an option - with or without zombie attacks.

The Walking Dead also just got a new banner. The highlight: Michonne riding a horse that will most likely be the first casualty in 30 days. Everyone knows that anything equine-related ends in disaster during a zombie apocalypse. Let me know what you think about the banner, the name of the episode, and what you want to happen on TWD season 4.

The Walking Dead finally returns this October with a 16-episode season.

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