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Remember when McG directed Terminator Salvation? Everyone knew that it was going to be terrible. Still, he cast , turned out an awesome trailer, and set the movie in the post-apocalyptic future we had all been waiting years for. There were even rumors that would return to her career defining role as John Connor's mother, Sarah. We all know what happened: Christian Bale wasn't really the star, the action was kind of silly, and Linda Hamilton just rehashed lines from the original for John Connor's tapes.

Now that a fifth film in the series, a reboot called Terminator Genisys, is actually happening, there's even more speculation that Hamilton will somehow reprise her or make an appearance. Not only that, but it's being reported that , who played John Connor's father, Reese, will make an appearance as well. Unfortunately, this rumor coming from The Mirror, so take it with a grain of salt.

Thor: The Dark World's will direct the reboot. The source says, "Paramount have hired Taylor because of the way he mixes extreme action with dynamic story telling. While these movies are are about action, their success has been down to the exchanges between the robot and men." Do you guys still think there's life left in this franchise? I think if we're able to get a fifth movie, we might as well just reboot the TV series while we're at it.

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