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Hey, remember 1994? Don't answer that. If you don't, that probably means I'm officially "old." Anyway, it was a pretty good year for action movies. We had jumping over large caps in a speeding bus acting as a large bomb, stripping down for hubby in True Lies, and perhaps my all time favorite -- seeking redemption via time travel in the insanely enjoyable, scientifically inaccurate Timecop. The movie gods at Universal have decided to answer my prayers, as THR says a reboot is in the works.

Timecop originated as a three-part story from Dark Horse Comics. After the film was adapted with Jean-Claude as Max Walker (with a really bad 2014 "future" haircut), the story turned into a mini-franchise when it was briefly brought to television. It also spawned a direct-to-DVD sequel, minus Mr. Van Damme.

Unfortunately, Jean-Claude probably won't have anything to do with this reboot either. If Universal knows what's good for them, they'll give him at least some kind of cameo or he could play Senator Aaron MacComb, that is if they decide to go off of the original film's storyline. After The Expendables 2, we know he can turn out a solid villain.

Now that 's Dredd 2 may or may not happen, I nominate him to pick up Max Walker's badge. We can also try to get him to do some splits just to see what happens.

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