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Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Get Out, became an overnight sensation when it was released in February and audiences are still packing into theaters to experience the film.

Fans who have been raving about the thriller's spectacular ending might be interested to learn that an alternate conclusion to the movie was filmed in its entirety and will be included as a special feature when Get Out arrives on digital HD May 9 and on Blu-ray and DVD on May 23.

Check out the trailer below.

That's Right, 'Get Out' Has An Alternate Ending

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

(Note: The following contains spoilers for Get Out.)

  • The original ending:

A horror movie on the surface, Get Out is brilliant racial commentary seamlessly woven into a thriller about a black man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who travels with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to her parent's house and later finds himself in an atrocious situation.

Throughout the film we are led to believe that Rose has no involvement in the awkward scenarios surrounding her parents and the white guests in the house. When the twist is revealed, the suspense intensifies and the movie ends on one epic surprising note. After discovering that the white guests were transplanting their minds into kidnapped young black people by way of Rose's family, Chris tries hard to escape the house and when he finally succeeds, he is met with Rose who is about to shoot him.

When the gardener, Walter, who is actually Rose's grandfather, falls out of hypnosis, he helps Chris by killing Rose before falling on top of him and dying. When all seems set and done a police car arrives and we are led to believe it's the white cop from earlier in the movie. To the surprise of the audience the cop is actually Chris' friend, airport security officer Rod Williams.

What's The Alternate Ending?

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

We'll finally see Get Out's alternate ending when the movie gets it's home video release, but we have some speculation of our own as to how the film's different ending could conclude the film.

When Chris' friend Rod arrived at the bloody shootout in a police car, the expectation was that the cop was actually the white police officer from the beginning of the film. It's a possibility then, that instead of Rod arriving to save his friend, the white cop is the one to arrive at the scene at the end of the movie. Seemingly, this was also director Jordan Peele's original idea for the ending.

Another possibility involves LaKeith Stanfield's character, Andre Hayworth. Get Out started with Hayworth being kidnapped by Rose's brother. The alternate ending could have Hayworth be the one to help Chris escape the house, or, be the one to actually kill Chris instead. If such happens, it would be a fascinating case of poetic storytelling.

What do you think is the alternate ending of Get Out? Let us know in the comments below!

Get Out will be available on digital HD May 9. On Blu-Ray and DVD May 23.

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