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The DCEU has had various Easter Eggs that arrived with the feature version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as the "Ultimate Edition." Well, this nod isn't from the source, instead it comes from , another one of Warner Bros. projects. This egg was delivered from The NerdRage Podcast, which was posted onto their Twitter account. Check it out:

The nod shows similarities between Clark Kent's and Hogarth's bedroom. Their wallpaper designs and color shave similar characteristics, as well as the planets that are hanging from each of their ceilings. Zach Snyder made sure to pay tribute, just like how the film showed the Iron Giant doing 's famous pose while he wore an "S" on his chest.

'The Iron Giant' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Iron Giant' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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This isn't the first time the DCEU payed tribute to another project within Warner Bros. The band of misfits film, Suicide Squad made sure to nod toward Watchmen, showing the famous smiley face grinning at Deadshot from a window. Even their animated series on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans Go, got in on the fun when they managed to take out every other character on DC's roster.

While this is fairly recent, there's a possibility that there are more hidden within the current films. If you've found any, place them down below.

We leave you with the tear-jerking final moments of The Iron Giant:

Catch any more Easter Eggs from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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