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In case you missed the memo, magic is back. The art of illusion has captured our imaginations for years, thanks to the incredible enchanters who dedicate countless hours to crafting the perfect magic trick.

If you thought magicians only wore top hats, capes and tuxedos, then think again. Today's tricksters look just like you and I — except they're considerably more talented at pulling off some crazy maneuvers.

Upcoming action-drama Sleight tells the story of a young magician who does just that. Bo spends his time performing impressive street magic for a captivated crowd, but suddenly must use his skills to save himself and his family from a desperate situation.

Check out the trailer below:

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Ready To Have Your Mind Blown?

Sleight [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Sleight [Credit: Universal Pictures]

The everyday magicians you meet on the street might not be tackling hostage situations or taking on gangsters like in , but that doesn't make their acts any less astounding. Check out these spectacular magic tricks and prepare to be enchanted.

1. London Magician Gives X Rating To Millennials

Brit boy Julius Dein wows Generation Y with an X-cursion in Hollywood.

2. 'Is That An Important Ring?'

The one and only David Blaine busts out his best teleportation skills for the crowd.

3. Magic Meets Modern Technology

Those new iPhone updates are getting a bit ridiculous.

4. Walking Through A Solid Metal Gate

The controversial Criss Angel claims he can make a solid object pass through another solid object — even his own body!

5. Insane Sleight-Of-Hand Tricks

The reaction to this magician is priceless.

Sleight conjures its way into theaters from April 28. Can you figure out the secret to any of these magic tricks?

[Credit: ThoseLilRabbits YouTube]
[Credit: ThoseLilRabbits YouTube]


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