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Board games bring people together and are fun to play. Part of the reason they're so fun is that they come with a simple narrative. For instance, Clue is a murder mystery set in an eerie mansion. This easy story was the basis for a 1985 film comedy starring Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. While the movie opened to a middling box office and mixed reviews, over time it became a firm cult classic that's now gearing up for a remake. Check out the original movie's trailer below.

A similar cinematic attempt was made in 2012 for the game Battleship, but that was a flop from the get-go. So, this got us thinking: Are there other board games that should have their own movie? Why yes, yes there are. Here are four of them.

1. Candy Land

This classic children's game has a sweet premise. You travel through the sugar-filled terrain, and whoever gets to King Kandy first is the winner. The movie could have a Narnia or Wonderland vibe, where the children are swept into the sweet world and must face many challenges along the way. It has fantasy, it's family friendly, and also has the nostalgia factor.

was adapted as a straight-to-DVD animation in 2005, called Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure. Since 2012, Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Madison have been in development for a theatrical version of the game, but lawsuits over copyrights for the characters have stalled the project.

2. Monopoly

Monopoly is a game where the economy can make or break you and greed is your strategy. I imagine having a film where it's like old-timey The Wolf of Wall Street, or Michael Douglas's classic Wall Street. There'd be drama, thrills, and perhaps even Oscar-worthy acting. Like Candy Land, there has been an attempt to create a Monopoly film, with Ridley Scott as producer. The Truman Show's Andrew Niccol was set to pen the screenplay, which started as a satire on real estate markets before turning into a family film. The movie was greenlit in 2015, but no other announcements have been made.

3. Operation

Image: (sorry for the scare).
Image: (sorry for the scare).

When describing Operation, it doesn't sound like a children's game. The object is to perform surgery and remove bodily organs using a pair of wire-connected tweezers. If your tweezers touch the metal edges of the body as you take out the organ, a buzzer sounds and the patient's red nose lights up. The red nose is probably the most innocent thing about this game.

Ideally Operation could work as a dark film. Sure, it is a kids' game, but how do you make a family-friendly film about surgery? Besides, adults play the game, too! Maybe, the patient goes in for routine surgery and is trapped in a haunted insane asylum where the mentally ill patients play doctor and cut him open. OK, that may be gruesome, but every story starts as a work in progress. There have been no attempts yet to make an Operation film.

4. Mouse Trap


Mouse Trap is a game in which you set up the board by building a series of rodent ruses. Then you move the mice-shaped game pieces across the board and try not to get trapped by the other players. Now please forgive me, but I have an inkling this will also make a good horror film. Hey, The CW turned into something dark, so why not? Picture the psycho from Saw creating his own obstacle course. His potential victims would have to navigate his maze without falling into his deadly devices. There is no word yet on a real film being made about Mouse Trap.

Board games are fun. Movies are fun. They should make a perfect combination. Would it work? If the right people were involved, as with Clue, then it's a definite possibility of success.

Do you like the movie ideas for these games? Is there another game you think should have its own movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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