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Everyone loves Mario! Who can resist that stylish 'stache, that giant snoz, that jovial Italian accent? Let's face it—every one of us has probably played a Mario game at some point in their life. I'm not even sure I could count the number of different games that make up the franchise, each one whisking us back to the world of the Mushroom Kingdom (well, usually) and its delightful cast of characters that we've come to know and love.

Image credit: TheBourgyman, deviantArt
Image credit: TheBourgyman, deviantArt

Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros., Boos... there are so many different classic Mario enemies! And let's not forget his friends like Yoshi and Toad!

What would happen, though, if the Mushroom Kingdom took on a slightly different look? Say, if all its inhabitants were... human? Mario would certainly have to find a different way to best Bowser and rescue the princess, that's for sure (imagine him crushing the heads of and throwing fireballs at real people)!

A few weeks ago, we ran an article about what Pokémon would look like as humans, but this time we're going back further... to the Nintendo classic that started it all, and personifying it through the lens of some truly inspired fan art!

All Your Favorite Mario Characters Have Turned Human!

Mario couldn't get anywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom without his trusty companions, and who's his number one companion? Why, Yoshi, of course!

1. Yoshi

Artist "Viny-Kun" from France has done her own take on what Mario's favorite dinosaur might look like as a human. Strangely enough, however, some other artists have decided that Yoshi should be a... girl?!

Artist "mikaze-k" (who's unfortunately since deleted their deviantArt account) has done their own, much more feminine version of a human Yoshi. It's true—we have no idea if Yoshi's a girl or a guy (unless you watched the old Super Mario World cartoon)! So artists can feel free to decide for themselves.

As an extra, here's an adorable sketch of Yoshi and Birdo drawn by "paperizette."

2. Boos

Boos were always some of my least favorite enemies in the Mario games, but that doesn't keep their human versions from tickling me silly.

How about this feminine Boo drawn by artist "DesordenAmplificado?"

Or this pair of Boos sporting some very Boo-like expressions by artist "ハル" on Pixiv?

And who says all Boos have to be girls? Here's two different renditions of King Boo by artist "Mappy." The one on the right is the King Boo from typical Mario games, while the one the left is the King Boo from Luigi's Mansion.

3. Goomba

We'd be committing a travesty if we didn't include Goomba in the list, considering it's the first enemy you come across in a Mario game! And the interwebz didn't fail me—I found a pretty adorable rendition of a human Goomba by Pixiv artist "可乐面包."

Just imagine having to squash her head!

4. Shy Guy

Not all personifications have to be cute and cheery. Take these renditions of Shy Guy that look like they belong in some kind of horror film.

This Shy Guy from French artist "Timooon" is equal parts creepy and equal parts amusing (love the little Phanto mask pin!).

And what about this Shy Guy from artist "moth-eatn" that instantly reminds me of Spirited Away's No Face?

5. Hammer Bro.

Quite possibly one of the most annoying enemies to run beneath isn't without his own human version!

This... strangely-muscular-yet-still-cute human version of a Hammer Bro is brought to you by Pixiv artist "YlwKirby."

And who said Hammer Bros. have to be male? Let me introduce you to the Hammer Sister, courtesy of Pixiv artist "."

6. Wiggler

I've always thought Wigglers were pretty cute all on their own, so it comes as no surprise that I find his human form to be pretty darn adorable as well.

Artist "Pimmy" has blessed us with this wonderfully designed version of a human Wiggler (complete with Wiggler-shaped hair!).

And here's a nice group shot that includes the Wigg-ster. This snippet into the personified lives of Super Mario Sunshine's bosses (Gooper Blooper, Petey Piranha, Wiggler, and King Boo) by artist "BechnoKid" is chock-full of personality.

7. Blooper

Who hates underwater levels? I hate underwater levels! Because of these nasty little devils in particular. I've forgiven them slightly, however, because of this sweet artwork.

This rendition of a Blooper by Pixiv artist "エムエン@たまってんなぁおい" looks like it's straight out of a ninja anime.

Almost in direct opposition, however, comes this beautiful pastel piece by Pixiv artist "ゲB" that gives the underwater dweller a decidedly more feminine look.

8. Bowser

This list would be woefully incomplete without an entry for the lizard king himself! Whether you like your koopa king beefy...

...or lean...

...this shell-rocking, princess-capturing reptilian has you covered thanks to these two renditions from artists "Snail of Approval" and "BluC" respectively.

9. Koopa Kids/Koopalings

And who could forget about Bowser's kids?! Or, well, his henchmen, if you want to believe that god-awful statement about them not being his actual offspring. Now that they're actually being included in games again after that abysmally long hiatus, a whole new slew of artwork is being created for the eccentric koopa younglings.

This sketch from Pixiv artist "NANA" renders each of their individual personalities so perfectly, I'm left without words.

Or how about this slightly older depiction of them by Pixiv artist "きった" that could easily be icons for some kind of Mario-themed fighting game (or... dating game?!)?

10. Super Mario RPG

I'd hate myself if I didn't include Super Mario RPG somewhere in this list, but since its characters only appear in one game, I thought I'd group them all together. Despite their short-lived appearances, these characters have captured the hearts of so many that all sorts of human versions can be found across the vast recesses of the web.

Like these ridiculously adorable character designs for Mallow and Croco from Pixiv artist "38."

Or these spot-on depictions of the Super Mario RPG bosses by Pixiv artist "きった." God, these make me wanna go back and play the game again...

As a final send-off, have this art I did myself of a human Iggy Koopa (I'm a pretty big fan of personifying things myself):

Any other Mario enemies you'd like to see in human form? What about characters from other games? Let the personified revolution begin!


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