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The greatest debate in nearly all of nerd and geek culture is: or ? For decades, fans of each comic book line have drawn metaphorical lines in the sand over the two publishing giants. The debate is likely never going to end, but that didn't stop illustrator and character designer Eric Guzman from giving us some brilliant fan art that combines our favorite characters.

Looking through his artwork adds fuel to the fire that in essence the studios are creating very similar characters - some of these combined characters highlight striking similarities. But even if their similarity is uncanny, it hasn't stopped fans on both sides of the comic book store from debating their superiority.

Eric's amalgams have given the in-between fans something to cheer about, because both characters combined are bound to be better than just one character on it's own. Check out some of his designs, and make sure to comment your favorite at the end.

Captain Krypton

  • Superman (DC) / Captain America (Marvel)

Ms. Wonder

  • Wonder Woman (DC) / Ms. Marvel (Marvel)

Martian Vision

  • Martian Manhunter (DC) / Vision (Marvel)

Marvelous Girl

  • Supergirl (DC) / Captain Marvel (Marvel)

Thunder God

  • Shazam (DC) / Thor (Marvel)


  • Nightwing (DC) / Daredevil (Marvel)

The Amazing Spider-Bat

  • Batman (DC) / Spider-Man (Marvel)

Poison Scorpion

  • Poison Ivy (DC) / Scorpion (Marvel)

Deadshot The Hunter

  • Deadshot (DC) / Kraven The Hunter (Marvel)


  • Bane (DC) / Venom (Marvel)


  • Darkseid (DC) / Red Skull (Marvel)

Brainim Zoliac

  • Brainiac (DC) / Arnim Zola (Marvel)

What do you think? What DC/Marvel character mashup would you like to see?


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