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It's no secret that was a popular celebrity before he became the 45th President of the United States Of America. From hosting the reality show contest for multiple seasons to co-owning the beauty pageant, Trump was no stranger to the world of Hollywood and celebrities.

Since becoming President, Trump has found himself in the Hollywood spotlight again and again, though not in any way he'd prefer. From his public battles with stars like Meryl Streep to the barrage of Saturday Night Live sketches joking about his latest antics, Trump is on his way to becoming the most popular, unpopular personality on the planet.

Yet, some of his more dedicated supporters have criticized much of Hollywood for it's anti-Trump stance and have voiced the opinion that "celebrities shouldn't get involved in politics."

Oh, the irony!

Despite Trump's high-profile past, some of his more dedicated supporters have demand that those of the Hollywood Elite shouldn't criticize him by virtue of them being celebrities, not politicians.

To help refresh some memories, here's a look back at the weirdest movie cameos and guest appearances Trump made before setting his sights on the Oval Office.

They're yuuuuuge.

1. Ghosts Can't Do It

Ghosts Can't Do It [Credit: Triumph Releasing]
Ghosts Can't Do It [Credit: Triumph Releasing]
  • Year Of Release: 1988
  • Directed By: John Derek
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

In the supernatural romance , Trump makes a short appearance as himself in John Derek's nth cinematic ode to his wife, Bo Derek. When Katie (Bo Derek) is tasked to save her dead husband's business, she runs into Trump in Hong Kong, who then gives her strange advice on love.

The film is also infamous for feeding Trump's ego, as evidenced in this particular exchange:

Katie: You’re too pretty to be bad.

Trump: You noticed.

Though not his first appearance in film, Trump's bit role in Ghosts Can't Do It deserves special attention because of the awards it won. The movie won four of seven nominations, taking home awards that included Worst Picture of 1990 and Worst Supporting Actor for Trump.

Check out Trump in Ghosts Can't Do It below.

2. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
  • Year Of Release: 1992
  • Directed By: Chris Columbus
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

During the campaign trail, pictures of Trump holding crying babies didn't help his image as a potential president everyone could love. While his current public persona may not exactly be the most child-friendly one out there, he has at least one role where he's shown as a helpful person to young people.

In the sequel, (Macaulay Culkin) finds himself lost in the Plaza Hotel after he manages to elude some witless security guards. Looking for the lobby, Kevin asks the first person he sees for directions: Donald Trump. Trump points Kevin in the right direction, before going on his own way.

It should also be noted that Trump actually purchased the Plaza Hotel in 1988, a few years before Home Alone 2 was released.

Check out Trump in Home Alone 2 below.

3. The Little Rascals

The Little Rascals [Credit: Universal Pictures]
The Little Rascals [Credit: Universal Pictures]
  • Year Of Release: 1994
  • Directed By: Penelope Spheeris
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Waldo's Father

Thanks to his ramblings, Trump is often criticized for lacking a sense of self-awareness. It seems that the man can't afford to laugh at himself, despite being a celebrity who has lived his life in the public eye for decades. However, he could once upon a time. His first role as someone other than himself implies a hint of self-awareness though as his minor character in is a parody of himself.

For a brief moment, audiences get to see Trump be the father of (Blake McIver Ewing), an obnoxious and spoiled rich brat. In a phone call to his cinematic son, Trump proudly proclaims his love for Waldo by saying:

"Waldo, you’re the best son money can buy."

Given Trump's reputation as being the epitome of entitled rich people, the quote is even more fitting than expected.

Watch Trump's cameo in Little Rascals below.

4. Eddie

Eddie [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]
Eddie [Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]
  • Year Of Release: 1996
  • Directed By: Steve Rash
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

To say that the Trump Administration is rife with controversy is an understatement, as the current governing body has been swamped with lawsuits and protests. One thing the president has been accused of is credit grabbing, an allegation that summarized his appearance in the movie .

When Eddie () becomes the coach of the after winning a publicity stunt, she owns the job and quickly becomes the best Knicks coach imaginable. With her popularity at its highest, Trump shows up and offers alternative facts claiming it was his idea to hire Eddie as a coach from the very beginning.

Check out Trump in Eddie below.

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5.The Nanny

The Nanny [Credit: CBS]
The Nanny [Credit: CBS]
  • Episode Title: The Rosie Show
  • Aired In: 1996
  • Directed By: Dorothy Lyman
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Peter Marc Jacobson

In another bout of apparent self-awareness, Trump played the egoistic television star Peter Marc Jacobson in the sitcom . When (Fran Drescher) rises as a celebrity, Trump sets his sites on her and makes Fran's love interest, Mr. Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), envious.

However, any chance of self-awareness dissipated when stories of Trump's petty complaints from behind the scenes emerged. Apparently, Trump was enraged about his character being described as a "millionaire" since he himself is, in fact, a billionaire who most definitely pays taxes.

The script was changed accordingly, though the writers addressed Trump as a zillionaire instead.

Check out Trump in The Nanny below.

6. Suddenly Susan

Suddenly Susan [Credit: NBC]
Suddenly Susan [Credit: NBC]
  • Episode Title: I'll See That and Raise You, Susan
  • Aired In: 1997
  • Directed By: Shelley Jensen
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

During the '90s, Trump was a celebrity who was in almost every form of media. He appeared in the sitcom as himself, where he's asked by the main characters to help finance their magazine Snazzy.

What makes this particular appearance memorable is the seemingly prophetic magazine cover, which wonders if Trump would become the next president of the United States. Just like those particular episodes from , this turned out to be another famous case of real life being stranger than fiction.

7. Celebrity

Celebrity [Credit: Miramax Films]
Celebrity [Credit: Miramax Films]
  • Year Of Release: 1998
  • Directed By: Woody Allen
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

Given his rather limited vocabulary that include repetitive adjectives, many people have often wondered how sharp Trump's verbal skills really are.

As evidenced in the film Celebrity, this isn't a new problem since Trump's speech pattern in the late-'90s very similar to the one that's often mocked today.

In the film, Trump is asked by an interviewer about his current projects and he announces that he'll be buying the St. Patrick's Cathedral, which he plans to turn into a "very, very tall and beautiful building."

Its a small (and simple) moment that's reminiscent of the way he described a certain piece of infrastructure he's promised another country will pay for.

Check out Trump in Celebrity below.

8. Sex And The City

Sex and the City [Credit: HBO]
Sex and the City [Credit: HBO]
  • Episode Title: The Man, The Myth, The Viagra
  • Aired In: 1999
  • Directed By: Victoria Hochberg
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

One of the best time capsules of '90s and early '00s culture is the comedy show , a show that was praised for being risky and raunchy for its time. Since it was one of the biggest shows of the decade, it only made sense for Sex And The City to make nods to whatever and whoever was popular at the time, including Trump.

Though Trump didn't have a major role in any episode of Sex And The City, he was often referenced by name as a dashing entrepreneur with lots of money. His one appearance is a short cameo in the episode The Man, The Myth, The Viagra, where he's shown having a formal lunch with another businessman while he name drops .

Not much has changed since then.

Check out Trump in Sex And The City below.

9. WWE: Battle of the Billionaires

[Credit: WWE]
[Credit: WWE]
  • Aired In: 2007
  • Featuring Donald Trump As: Himself

Trump prides himself in being a President of firsts, and while history will have the final say on that, Trump can at least proudly proclaim himself as the one and only American President to have fallen victim to the Stone Cold .

In the 2007 event Battle Of The Billionaires, Trump and Vince McMahon duked it out by choosing wrestlers to fight in their stead. Trump's bet Bobby Lashley beat McMahon's representative Umaga, giving the current President the right to shave the owner's head.

Unfortunately for Trump, his victory didn't keep him safe from the rampage of guest referee Steve Austin, who unleashed his signature finisher on the man who claims that his name always signifies winning.

Relive the moment on loop below.

[Credit: WWE]
[Credit: WWE]

No matter what side of the political fence on which you stand, it's hard to ignore the fact that Donald Trump has long been a recognized name in the world of popular culture.

This list only covers a fraction of his many appearances in and shows and it doesn't look like he'll be finished with the forms of media that brought him fame and fortune any time soon.

Check out more Trump cameos below.

Which Donald Trump cameo is your (least) favorite?

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