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Halloween is fast approaching, so now would be a great time to start practising all your favorite make-up lewks to scare the holy hell out of your family and friends — and who makes a better muse than this year's biggest horror movie villain Pennywise?

Make-up geniuses have already taken to to show off their Pennywise-inspired creations, and the results are terrifyingly incredible to say the least! Check out some of the most horrifying.

1. 'Beep Beep Richie'

Sammy's three-looks-in-one shows Pennywise go from friendly clown to terrifying monster.

2. Smile for the Camera

Someone may need a trip to the orthodontist.

3. Who said Pennywise Isn't Glamorous?

As Fergie once said, if you ain't got no terror you ain't doing Pennywise right.

4. Oh, the Horror!

Those nails look like they could definitely do some damage.

5. You'll Float Too!

I imagine the stores will be selling out of red balloons by the time Halloween rolls around!

6. Help!

Seriously, press play and turn the sound on.

7. All Aboard the SS Georgie

This one is confusing...

8. Who is She?

This look is so sultry I literally don't know if I'm terrified or intrigued.


Literally, fuck that.

Don't worry if our collection of seriously glam Pennywises has got you all hot under the collar, because you're not the only one! Having become the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, IT will likely be haunting the box office for months to come. So those suffering from better take cover this coming as the streets are gonna be crawling with clowns — however if they look anything like this, you might not be able to look away.

Bill Skarsgard [Credit: Instagram user @srpp3]
Bill Skarsgard [Credit: Instagram user @srpp3]

Are you going to dress up as Pennywise this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!


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