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Beauty and the Beast teased lovers for months, making the live-action remake the most highly-anticipated movie of the year. It promised to hold true to one of Disney's original classics, and the excitement has brought in nearly $690 million worldwide.

While bringing a new light to our favorite characters, the set is also outrageously gorgeous and the costumes were crafted with delicate attention to detail. And while the effects experts have done an amazing job bringing Lumiere and Cogsworth to life, cosplayers have been busy creating their own interpretations of their favorite Beauty and the Beast characters.

Recently we've seen cosplayers come out of the woodwork with Beauty and the Beast cosplays that reflect the characters and costumes from the live-action film. So we have dug through the Instagram archives to find some of the absolute best Beauty and the Beast cosplays that will bring viewers to appreciate the new film even more.

Lumiere and Cogsworth

Krissy and Nikki (aka @sparkle.stash and @nikkipardee) thought up this gender-bent Lumiere and Cogsworth duo for SacAnime. It was the perfect opportunity to display these unique cosplays (that they actually designed from head to toe) because the cast from the original animated film were at the convention. In an interview and DIY excerpt from Cosplay & Coffee they said the casts' (including Paige O'Hara who voiced the original Belle) reactions were everything they could have hoped for:

"It was a dream come true for Nikki and I to see her [Paige O'Hara] face light up. We could tell she genuinely loved the little details we put into everything." -Krissy

Mrs. Potts

This Beauty and the Beast cosplay is exceptionally well-done. Cosplayer and creator @daiseydoo29 took the concept of teapot Mrs. Potts and transformed her into what we would imagine is a halfway point between the teapot and human Mrs. Potts. The result is this utterly satisfying illusion of a human teapot. Her caged dress gives the appearance of teapot-like figure, which is a perfect fit for the illustrious Mrs. Potts.


The color scheme and concept might be derived from the original Beauty and the Beast, but then again, it's not every day you see a feline Gaston! @Itslisalouwho has plenty of cosplays under her belt, from Skyrim to Star Wars characters. However, we took a special liking to her beefy femme Gaston!


Dan Stevens had a lot of work to do when it came to portraying the Beast. Besides wearing steel-capped stilts while doing the Waltz, he ate about four full meals a day in order to copy the Beast's bulky appearance.

Movie Pilot's professional makeup artist, Amber, turned book enthusiast Carmen Seda @ohthebookfeels into -- not Belle -- but into a rather convincing Beast (but without the stilts). You can see her full transformation here!


Megan Flockhart is well-known for being an Emma Watson look-a-like. After her Hermione cosplays took off, it only made since for her to use her uncanny looks to portray Emma Watson's version of Belle. Megan's concept of Provincial Belle looks to be a mix between the original and Watson's boot-wearing version and we are loving it! Even Josh Gad even gave his approval!

Ball Gown Belle

We are truly blown away by cosplayer @sam.mclaugh and her hand-made yellow ball gown Belle dress. It's an absolute dead-ringer for Belle's new dress from the new live-action film, so the fact that she was able to recreate the dress to be just as breathtaking is an impressive feat! She says on her Instagram account:

"Made from tears and joy and stress! ...And making this from scratch, the first time I've used a pattern, I couldn't be prouder!"

As you should be.

Honorable Mentions:

There are so many talented cosplayers who have taken on the iconic looks from the characters of the 1997 Beauty and the Beast film. As much as we would like to credit all the wonderful recreations of Belle and the Beast, we decided to mention of few creators who have made unique perceptions of Belle's iconic yellow ballgown look.

Traci Hines

Traci Hines is an established cosplayer and performer who has her own line of mermaid fashion at Adorkable Apparel. She teamed up with family costume designer, Nephi Garcia (aka Designer Daddy) for this incredible Belle shoot. Traci models this Belle look with finesse and she tops it off with an outstanding cover of Belle Reprise on her YouTube channel!

Designer Daddy

Nephi Garcia has made a plethora of Disney princess gowns that are so gorgeous they could bring a tear to your eye. Besides Traci's Belle gown, Designer also created this look (as modeled by his wife). Designer Daddy is known for his glamorous dresses, which are typically made for his family, including his adorable little girls. This Belle dress in particular was on auction for over $2,000 with 10% going to a patient's lung transplant.

Mykie of Glam and Gore

Mykie of Glam and Gore is the queen on SFX makeup. If you are ever looking to amp up one of your own cosplays, take a page out of Mykie's book and maybe burn half of your face off to make a gory Disney Princess. In Mykie's Burnt Belle tutorial, she shows you just exactly how Belle met this unfortunate, fiery fate.

Have You Seen Any Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Cosplays? Tell Us About Them In The Comments!

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