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"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." — Stephen King

The world of independent film is an unpredictable one. There was a time not too long ago when film festivals were the main venue in which to have independent work screened and potentially distributed. But something happened in early 2005 that would forever rock the way we view media: Youtube was born.

Pre-youtube and other streaming outlets, independent films were often limited by the distribution customs of their time. Well made and entertaining films often never saw the light of day, and instead rotted in the back corner of some shady video rental store. And what about short horror films? Well, unless you were willing to attend a local film festival, chances are you might never get a chance to see one.

The revolution put an end to such norms, and the web-series came into existence (and thank God it did).

The Revolution

The freedom for low budget, well-crafted horror to reach large audiences spurred a filmmaker revolution. A small market ballooned into a gigantic behemoth of media, and even today we are still seeing the results of such efforts, as short films like are constantly being picked up and developed into larger films due to their uniqueness and originality.

Every now and then, a web series comes along that leaves the viewer wondering: "How in the hell did they make something so cool?" The fourth episode of the The Witching Season (a Halloween-themed horror anthology) has just been released, and both fans and critics alike are asking that very question.

The web series was launched a little over a year ago, and immediately stood out because if its Halloween-specific tales of terror. Though each episode is a self-contained story focusing on different characters and paying tribute to different horror genres, they all take place in the same universe and are littered with Easter Eggs that help connect all of the episodes together.

'The Witching Season' Horror Anthology

The Witching Season is a reminder that you don't need to go to a theater or spend hours scrolling through a streaming service to find entertaining horror flicks. Countless creators have devoted massive amounts of time and effort into creating different web series and short films that truly do deserve to be seen. The younger generation is always connected to the internet via their smartphones, and as such, so the demand for these types of films and media is only going to grow larger.

Check out the fourth episode of The Witching Season bellow, and follow them on Youtube and Facebook for more episodes and content.

If you're looking for more feature-length horrors, then look no further than the video below:

There are more videos to be watched over on Movie Pilot video.

What other short or web-based horrors do you subscribe to?


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