ByAdam Harris, writer at
Adam Harris

Three films were apparently just not enough, so director Ariel Schulman is set to bring us Paranormal Activity 4 in two weeks, but to be honest I've not seen anything too inspiring from the film's marketing campaign so far. The initial trailers were to my mind more than a little underwhelming, but things definitely take a turn for the creepier in this latest clip put out over the weekend. Check it out below:

Now people were always going to be divided into two camps by a fourth Paranormal Activity film— those loyal to the franchise and those who hated the first films and just can't see the point. After just how misleading the trailers for Paranormal Activity 3 were, I'm a little reluctant to stamp the Moviepilot seal of horror approval on this one, but I'll tentatively say that it's a film I'll be watching in the cinema, to see just where the franchise goes next. What did you think of the clip?


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