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Alisha Grauso

So if you weren't aware of it, MTV has a pretty cool little web series, Cooking With Thrones. It is pretty much exactly what you would guess from the name, where various cast members and people in some way related to Game of Thrones hang out with host and cook things you'd get your grub on with in Westeros.

As both a nerd and someone who loves to cook, I am happy this web series exists. Last week found Smith making Sansa's lemon squares with Samwell Tarly - uh, I mean, , of course. Episode 3 aired this week, and it featured guest Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of the official Game of Thrones cookbook, A Feast of Fire & Ice.

On the menu? Hot Pie's Direwolf Scones. And singing. Bad singing.

Direwolf scones? Hell to the yeah. Count me in. You can head on over to the Cooking With Thrones link up above to get the full recipe.

I know what I'll be making this weekend. Preferably while drinking mead. Who's with me?


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