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In this week's episode of the writers have taken it down a notch with their new Freak of the Week (FOTW) named Magenta, a telekinetic of some sort. Actually, I should say Freaks of the Week because Frankie Kane comes with an extra personality who names herself Magenta. Though the episode is named after her, Magenta is not the only thing this episode had to offer. Here are a couple of additional storylines/things that stood out in this latest episode of The Flash.

5. Enter Magenta

Poor little Frankie Kane
Poor little Frankie Kane

Frankie is being abused by her foster dad and when he comes home one night and starts yelling at his wife and Frankie demanding food on the table. This triggers Magenta to take over Frankie's body. Magenta telekinetically throws a lamppost on the man and she is taken to police headquarters. I have no trouble with the FOTW concept at all and Frankie is just a dime a dozen despite the impressive visualization of her amazing powers. However, while watching this particular scene at the police station, I just couldn't help but think that this wasn't meant to be Frankie's scene, but Julian Dorn's.

4. Ladies And Gentlemen: Julian Dorn

Julian Dorn
Julian Dorn

Julian Dorn marches into the office, offers Frankie a drink, takes her glass and subjects it to a quick lab analysis and finds out that Frankie is a metahuman. He storms down and confronts her in a very firm but harsh manner, which triggers the Magenta personality. He is saved by Barry after Magenta attacks him.

They are slowly but surely establishing Dorn's character. What we know so far is that he has a confronting personality, he surpasses Barry in terms of skill at the crime lab and he is accurate and punctual.

He is also very observant. He knows that something is off with Barry and that he is hiding something. I hope that the writers will not make him the main villain (Dr. Alchemy) this season. There are so many more possibilities with that character. Think, for instance, of Julian Dorn being a herald of time, sent to find out who has changed the timeline and undo it. Or, Dorn could join Team Flash in some capacity and he would most definitely be a huge asset to the team. There are so many things that you can do with an actor like Tom Felton, and making him Dr. Alchemy would just be an insult and seriously underuse his potential.

3. Wally West And Jesse Quick Sitting In A Tree

Jesse Quick and Wally West have such strong onscreen chemistry
Jesse Quick and Wally West have such strong onscreen chemistry

Last season we saw Wally and Jesse both getting hit by the particle accelerator, and while Wally turned into during the events of , he doesn't have his powers in the regular timeline. He keeps hoping to get them and is looking for ways to actually jumpstart the Speed Force in his body.

Jesse Quick pays a visit with her father Harry Wells from Earth-2, and while it seems to be for laboratory purposes to test Jesse's speed (that have since manifested) the purpose of the visit is actually to talk Jesse out of her using her powers. I am sure they could have come up with a better way to have Jesse and Harry visit, but I am fine with the two of them showing up and completing Team Flash.

Jesse explains to Wally how her powers manifested: in a car accident. Wally, so desperate to have his, jumps in front of a car in hopes that his powers will manifest as well. Is this the Wally West that the writers want to establish? One who doesn't shy away from reckless and short-sighted behavior, but is willing to go at great lengths to get what he wants? Actions that may even kill him? That is going to be interesting in contrast to Barry Allen if Wally ever gets his powers, but something tells me that that won't take all season.

I really enjoy the chemistry between Wally and Jesse and I hope that become a couple on the show. Who knows — The CW might even start off a Kid Flash and Jesse Quick TV show. However, with such a big cast, I doubt that there is time for secondary plots such as Wally and Jesse becoming a couple.

Can anyone tell me why Jesse Quick's clothes don't catch fire when she is running? Is there some sort of fireproof Earth-2 laundry detergent that we are not aware of? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

2. Datenight 2.0

Oh Barry, don't erase this moment from time!
Oh Barry, don't erase this moment from time!

Barry and Iris are going on a date and this is the first time we see the two of them getting closer and romantic since the first season. The rules were no speed and no Flash talk. It resulted in the most boring date in the history of most boring dates. They literally don't have anything to talk about and as soon as the phone rings they sigh in relief and rush to Star Labs.

They try again later in the episode, but this time the "no speed, no Flash" rule is off the table because they are a part of Barry and they shouldn't ignore who they are.

I find the lack of chemistry as lovers between Iris West and Barry Allen appalling. Two people who are supposedly the loves of their lives don't have anything to say to each other? How does that happen? I liked them more when they weren't a couple but just friends.

1. Will Wally Sell His Soul?

Wally is desperate to get his Speed powers!
Wally is desperate to get his Speed powers!

Dr. Alchemy's storyline progressed a little bit and just like last week, he is the one behind the new breed of metas. So far, Edward Clariss and Frankie Kane have regained their powers in a way that has not yet been established on the show. While I welcome new metas, I do wonder why the writers have decided to come up with a new way to keep spawning metas. Have all the ones from the original particle accelerator been apprehended or did they all leave town for a vacation?

Upon hearing that Dr. Alchemy gave back powers to those who had them in the Flashpoint timeline, Wally West has that look on his face where you can be sure that he will go out and look for Dr. Alchemy to gain his powers. We saw that Wally is willing to go very far to gain superpowers, but is he willing to sell his soul to Dr. Alchemy to gain them?

Are you looking forward to seeing Wally back as Kid Flash, and what about Jesse Quick? Will she be able to maintain her innocent character while facing some of the horrors a superhero can face? The Flash is off to a solid start and I for one cannot wait to find out what the remainder of this season has in store for us.


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