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Let's face it. While watching a horror movie, you have imagined what would you do if you were there. We know that the characters in the films are, in most cases, not the smartest people alive. They always seem to make the wrong choice. But we know better. We would do better. We would survive. Because we know.

Horror movies have taught us a lot. We have all the knowledge that we need in order to survive the most difficult of ordeals. We know what to do while facing a sinister serial killer or what to avoid while battling an evil demon.

In order to make your life easier, I decided to write a list of the things that horror movies have taught me. Cherish this knowledge, because one day it can save your precious life.

I hope you enjoy it!

7. Stay Together

How many times have we screamed at the screen in anger when a clueless character suggests to the group of survivors, "We need to separate?" This is one of the worst mistakes that somebody can make. There is strength in numbers. The best way to survive is to stay together, to attack together. That's why angry mobs are so effective — nothing can defeat the will of an angry bunch of people.

6. Finish Him!

How many times has an armed main character knocked the villain down, only to run away without giving him the final blow, thinking that he has been defeated with a single hit? No! Don't run away! Finish the job! If you don't want to kill him, at least break his hands or his legs. That way he will be unable to chase you or to kill you with his big, bloody machete.

5. Buy A Satellite Phone

Picture this: A character in a horror movie tries to use his cell phone in the middle of the forest (while hiding from the killer that has just murdered his beautiful girlfriend) only to find that there is no signal. Does this sound familiar? Of course it is! This is, after all, one of the most used tropes in this genre. I know that satellite phones are expensive, but you have to ask yourself what's more important: the price of one of these marvelous things or the price of your precious and unique life?

See the video below for a better idea of what I mean:

4. Did You Hear A Strange Sound In The Distance? Stay Away!

If you hear something weird in the basement of that abandoned factory where you and your friends are trapped with an insane and mindless serial killer, the worst thing that you can do is to investigate it. If you value your life the rule is simple: ignore it. You see, statistics show that (in most cases) this will only lead to your death — a horrible one. So the best thing to do is to stay away from that sound, or even better, to remain hidden under that box, just like Snake would do (if it works for him, it will work for you, right?)

3. Remain Calm

I know that this is something hard to ask while facing a demented, blood-thirsty clown, but getting hysterical will lead only to your grave. In this moment of desperation, you need to make the best choices, and in order to do that, you need to have a cool head. Also, most likely, you won’t be alone in this ordeal, and you will have to take care of any other survivors. They need you to make the best choices you can. So do yourself a favor and focus on the situation, think about the variables and try to create a plan to escape (or to fight back).

2. Never Say 'Everything Is Going To Be OK'

I have learned several things watching horror movies and one of the most important is this: The most innocuous of things can jinx your chances to survive. One of the worst things that you can do is say, “Everything is going to be OK.” My advice is simple: Don't ever say it, not even when you feel safe inside a police station or a hospital. Killers always find a way to return, and they seem to be triggered by this simple sentence. So just keep quiet and keep your eyes open.

1. Follow The Right Guy

There are two kinds of leaders in horror movies: The one who wants to be a leader and the one who doesn't want but accepts it (reluctantly). The first one only cares about himself. He is always mad at everybody and always tries to impose his will. The other one cares about all the members of the group, but because something bad happened to him in the past, he doesn't want to take the responsibility; he doesn’t want to fail them. So in this case, you have to choose him over the selfish one. The angry one will only make bad choices. Of course, it can be that you are that person, so in that case, I am sure you will not survive.

So do you know other lessons that you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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