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Alfred Hitchcock famously called it the MacGuffin. Originally coined by a screenwriter Hitch used to work with named Angus McPhail, the MacGuffin is used to describe an object that the drives the plot of the story. The characters in the story may care about what it is, but the audience, by and large, does not.

The MacGuffin in the instance of is the Spear of Destiny. It is an object of ultimate power that can be used to rewrite reality itself. Basically it's a way for the writers of the show to get things back to status quo, or set things up for the next season. Given the motivations for the characters involved, I have an idea of what it might be used for.

1. The Good Guys Get Selfish

Laurel and Sara Lance as two versions of Black Canary in 'Arrow' [Credit: Wanrer Bros. TV]
Laurel and Sara Lance as two versions of Black Canary in 'Arrow' [Credit: Wanrer Bros. TV]

One of the key points of contention with the Legends this year has been that they all have personal reasons for changing the timeline yet are unable to without causing those pesky aberrations. The Spear of Destiny will take that guilt out of the equation. Laurel Lance can be resurrected. Martin Stein's daughter can live worry free without being torn up about that whole "not supposed to exist" caveat. Nate and Amaya can proceed with their relationship without fear of damaging her descendants. Although, who's to say that he isn't Future Vixen's Grandfather anyway? The sky's the limit. They may even do Barry Allen a solid and wipe that old Flashpoint off the books; though, they'll still have that "Conner Hawke" situation to deal with.

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2. The Bad Guys May Win (At Least A Little Bit)

Captain Cold 'Legends of Tomorrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Captain Cold 'Legends of Tomorrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

The Legends aren't the only ones who need the Spear for its magical continuity-fixing powers. Reverse Flash needs it to get the Black Flash off his tail, Damien Darhk needs it to live and Malcolm Merlin is looking to resurrect the League of Assassins with himself at the helm naturally. But what else could happen that the Spear could take care of? Well, certainly needs to be resurrected. Not only was he a focal member of the group, he also leads the Rogues, arguably one of the greatest list of villains in comics. With the producers of already promising no speedster villains next season, Captain Cold would make a great antagonist to the Scarlett Speedster.

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3. The JSA Need To Get Home

Rip Hunter set the on a mission protecting the Spear of Destiny each with a separate piece all over time. to date, they have all died except for Star Girl who live in Medieval England in a made up version of Camelot turned reality via the Spear. Obsidian already gave us a preview into what the future will hold for him once the JSA disappears and we know that Amaya has to go back so she can start her family so that Mari can become Vixen in the current timeline so the Spear reinstituting the team to their rightful time is only fair. Except for Star Girl, she's earned a little reward. She is after all the one team member that successfully kept the shard away from the and managed to stay alive to boot.

Final Thoughts

This season of Legends of Tomorrow has been significantly better than the previous one by upping the stakes and making the team a bit more cohesive. Make no mistakes: They are still a rag tag team of screw ups, but they are getting there, and the Spear will certainly help them to achieve bigger and better things next season.

See how accurate I am when the Legends return on March 21st. Here's a sneak peak:

What do you think of my predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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