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[Spoiler Things ahead for those who have just emerged from The Upside Down]

Stranger Things has gotten less strange. What, with the first season's immediate end, mysteries have already been unraveled. Or, have they? Of course, the Duffer Brothers are definitely keeping their popular boob tube creation's title. However, the mystery running in the heads of this new TV cult asks how the hell they are going to keep the ball rolling. We got Will Byers back, the "Demogorgon" is out of sight thanks to Eleven, and everybody's exchanging gifts on a happy Christmas Eve. What more is there to hook us in? Here are eight things that we can suggest so that the second season won't fail us.

Justice for Barb!
Justice for Barb!


You guys, Barb is bestie goals. Someone as nice as her who shows great concern toward her friend Nancy does NOT deserve the fate she had with the Demogorgon. And besides, shouldn't people continue looking for her? The town can't assume in an instant that she's dead. Shouldn't her disappearance and the return of Will Byers shake the town with a growing sense of uneasiness? Shouldn't her parents somehow feel like they should put the blame on Nancy for sneaking Barb and her car out for some booty call party? Creating a second season revolving around the tension built out of Barb's disappearance should catapult the thickening plot.

2. Maintain Mystery

We now know about The Upside Down. We now know Will Byers is alive. We now know there's some dangerous operation going on in the Hawkins Laboratory. If anything, Season 1 has satisfied the viewers enough with answers. Yes, there are some more questions: Why is Will seeing The Upside Down in the, uh, Downside Up — I mean in the real world? What business does Hopper now have with some men and why is he still leaving Eggos to a certain spot for Eleven?

While these are interesting, for a mystery show to keep its grip on its audience, Stranger Things must provide more and more mysteries as we progress through the story. It's one great way to keep hold of the audience. Take "How To Get Away With Murder" for example. The Keating 5 continues answering questions in their murder cases and their own business, but the more answers they get, the more questions arise. That should be the case in the Winona Ryder-starrer just so they can also live up to their title.

3. New Strangers

We need more characters — Barb's parents, perhaps. Some new groups of men to protect their conspiracies — someone we can hate, like Ramsay Bolton. Somebody has to rock the boat. Also, I'm waiting for the little Wheeler girl to be some sort of key character.

4. Monsters

The Demogorgon may not really be gone (and so is Eleven, right?). We have yet to know what these monsters are, why they exist, what their world is, and for what its purpose is other than just murdering Barb (!). It would be cooler to see more of these monsters and what they can do.

5. Dustin

Let me take this opportunity to fanboy over Toothless. The kid's probably the only one among the three boys (minus Will) who keeps his shit together (and says bad words). Even the consistent geeking out by referencing a lot of '80s geek stuff is charming. We'd love to see Dustin's character development, and that would be .

6. '80s Love

Stranger Things fanned the flames of our recent ongoing fascination over the '80s. Not only is the TV show a showcase of many '80s cult classics from Steven Spielberg to Stephen King, it also features nostalgic nods to Walkie Talkies, Star Wars, The Clash, Jonathan's tucked-in t-shirt, and Barb's fashion sense (but she's gone!). I don't know much about the '80s, but it would be interesting to know more about the time when our parents were just a couple of years older than Steve Harrington. We hope to see people's fascination with Walkman, Michael Jackson, neon clothing, and the first few versions of desktop computers.

7. Eleven

(Did you see what I did there? LOL) We are damn sure Elle's coming back (I'd like to keep the spelling of her nickname that way). She only brought the monster back to The Upside Down. She may be able to contact the gang and they'll be on their feet to save her (probably with the help of Will, who can now see through The Upside Down). We need E.T. — er, I mean, Eleven back so that she can save our heroes from the danger lurking around Hawkins, right? Plus, her character is well-loved and has more to offer in the story, like her origin and what she can do now.

8. More Episodes

I bet you went through one season in just one day/night. Stranger Things doesn't require too much thinking — it's a feeding machine made to tend to our satisfaction like any '80s story would. We can watch a season in a sweep and one of its reasons is that it's riveting. However, I'm guessing 100 percent of the fans are asking for more, and eight episodes won't do. I bet nine won't either, which is the number of episode titles featured in the teaser trailer. But, all we can do now is hope for the best in those nine episodes.

Already missing Stranger Things? Check out the video below and learn about what went on in the VFX room of the show:

Do you hear me, Duffer Brothers? Netflix? Barb? Blink once for yes, twice for no.


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