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It’s finally here! On Monday, Nov. 28th, fans that have been amped about the four-night crossover between, , , , and will kick off. Producers of the show have promised big things, and after an extended trailer premiered, we were not disappointed.

With the amount of hype this thing is generating, the crossover has high expectations to meet. I mean, it’s only one of the biggest events in television history as far as superheroes are concerned. What can we expect from a multiverse crisis on the ?

1. Oliver Queen Gets Captured

Image via DC Comics. Art by Amanda Conner
Image via DC Comics. Art by Amanda Conner

Arrow’s episode of "Invasion!" also doubles as the 100th episode. This episode will feature cast members past and present in various roles. Some of these will be problematic — what with their characters being dead and all — but this is comics. The synopsis already tells us that this will be a somewhat altered reality episode, with Oliver having never been on the Queens gambit and preparing for a wedding. Upon this news, fans speculated how this could come to be. Flashpoint was bandied about, alternate earths and even dream sequences were suggested. In the trailer we get a glimpse of Oliver in an alien pod in some type of stasis. This would be a leading contender for the alternate vision with it being a stasis dream or the Dominators' psychic abilities on display.

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2. Long-Term Ramifications

Image via DC Comics. Art by Todd McFarlane
Image via DC Comics. Art by Todd McFarlane

The were the subjects of a massive company crossover in the '80s called Invasion! Hence the nifty title for this crossover. The Dominators were a race of alien conquerors that saw into the future and deemed Earth to be a force to be reckoned with. Wanting to nip things in the bud, they came to Earth looking to annihilate us.

The Dominators became a key enemy to the Legion of Superheroes, the Justice League of the year 3,000. One of their most infamous acts was killing the Tornado Twins, a.k.a. Don and Dawn Allen. Fans of The Flash needn’t look too far to realize that they are the children of Barry Allen, who would then spawn two more speedsters in the form of XS and Bart Allen a.k.a. Impulse. Will the crossover have such long lasting ramifications as to delve into the legacy of one of its bigger characters? Mon-El also goes by the name of Valor in the comics and is a member of the , so there is more than one connection to the future at stake here.

3. The Invasion Could Lead To A ‘Crisis’

Image via DC Comics. Art by George Perez
Image via DC Comics. Art by George Perez

The multiverse has already been established in the . We have seen all types of shenanigans on Earth-2, Supergirl hails from Earth-S, and Jay Garrick comes to us via Earth-3. What’s to say that the multiple crossovers have to end with this one? Flash Season 1 mentioned a great crisis, known to many DC fans as one of the biggest events in comic history. Other references include: Barry running circles around a giant multiverse gun (and dying afterwards) and Superman holding Supergirl in the infamous pose from the cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. Can we be far behind an actual adaptation? Perhaps the Dominators are heralds of the Anti-Monitor. If the crossover sets up one of the biggest events in comic history, fans of the shows and the old comics are in for a real treat.

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Final Thoughts

The crossover week is the culmination of lots of planning and set up on the part of the studio. The moving of Supergirl to the CW, Flash setting up multiple earths and the Legends of Tomorrow bringing time travel into the mix makes for an epic tale. Even the street-level heroes in Arrow will bring a level of awe and wonder at seeing the marvel of the events happening around them. If they indeed set up Crisis, an event so massive in the comic world it inspired Marvel to scrap together a company-wide crossover to beat them to the punch, fans can only expect nothing but the best. So strap into your lazy boy, grab your popcorn and sit back for greatness.

Here's the trailer to tide you over until the epic begins!

What do you think will happen in the four-night crossover? Sound off in the comments.


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