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Season 7 of Game of Thrones is just around the corner, and fans have been getting restless with only a few screengrabs of the upcoming season and a teaser promo to show for the countdown before the premiere. To make everyone breathe a little easier—and keep fans occupied for a while with new fodder for theories—HBO has just released the first full trailer for . While the two previous teasers (the Sigil promo and 'Long Walk') hyped a lot of anticipation but offered no actual new footage, this new trailer delivers big on both ends. Here, have a look:

As you try to catch your breath after watching that trailer, let's break down some interesting tidbits the Season 7 trailer had for us.

1. Cersei Is War-Ready

The trailer opens with a fierce speech from , counting down her enemies as she vows to defeat them all. Daenerys to the East, Euron Greyjoy to the West, Arya to the North and someone (possibly House Tyrell) sharpening a sword to the South; those are the enemies Cersei knows of, but they're definitely not the only ones she'll have to face.

After all, there's the newly appointed King in the North, JonSnow, there's her brother Tyrion (the one she still doesn't count as a Lannister) and, of course, the White Walkers for her to contend with.

2. Daenerys Is Finally Home In Westeros

After six whole seasons, has at last set foot in her ancestral home of Dragonstone, and, judging by the trailer, she'll kick some serious proverbial ass in the upcoming season. She still has her mind set on a small battle for the Iron Throne, as she claims she "was born to rule the Seven kingdoms," but she'll soon get a real wake up call about the Long Night and the threat the White Walkers pose.

Jon Snow is the most likely candidate to offer Daenarys a lesson on the war beyond the Wall (which seems it will cross south next season), and together with Tyrion, Greyworm, and Missandei, Dany will teach Westeros a thing or two about Targaryen power—and her dragons, of course. Dany's Unsullied are seen breaking into Casterly Rock, the Lannisters' ancestral home , and her Dothraki bloodriders are jumping right into battle with the help of her biggest dragon, Drogon.

3. Littlefinger Hasn't Given Up On Sansa

Nor has he given up on his manipulation games, it seems. In the trailer, he boosts up, telling her she's "the last best hope against the upcoming storm." Judging from his history of betrayal and lies, it would be a smart guess that, the second Jon leaves Winterfell to meet Daenerys, Littlefinger will do everything in his power to turn Sansa and all the Northern lords against the Stark bastard.

Thankfully, Jon is a smart bastard and is clearly on to 's schemes, since in the trailer he is seen pushing Littlefinger against the wall in the crypts of Winterfell. Or, maybe we've got this in reverse and Littlefinger will be the one to tell Jon the truth about Lyanna and Rhaegar (R+L= J, anyone?).

4. The Great War Is Coming (For Real This Time)

clearly has his mind set on what really matters in Game of Thrones and, contrary to Cersei, Littlefinger, and even Dany, he knows the true war won't be fought for the Iron Throne, but for the whole of Westeros. In the trailer, Sir Davos talks about uniting all the houses against a greater common enemy because, if they don't, then everyone will die and "it won't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne." Such a desperate plea wouldn't have any effect on Cersei, but it might have some on Daenerys—which is who he delivers this speech to anyway.

Ser Davos travels south with Jon, in hopes of convincing Dany to join their cause against the White Walkers, and it seems Melissandre has beat them to it. The last we saw from her, she was leaving Winterfell, but in the trailer she stands in Dragonstone, which means Davos will have the chance to follow his own advice and leave past animosities behind him.

Whatever happens in Dragonstone, Jon will move back up North, where, in the trailer, he's seen running with Tormund from something in the cold. A fair deal of spoilers about this sequence has already surfaced on the internet, but I'm going to keep this post clear of that.

As always, and Game of Thrones manage to keep fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation for what will be the second to least season of the show. The trailer offers some nice hints into some much awaited moments from Season 7, but still there's a lot we'll only know once it premieres, on July 16.


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