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I won't lie, hearing that Spider-Man was coming home to Marvel was one of the happiest days of my nerdy life. And seeing Tom Holland bring the wall crawler to life in Captain America: Civil War?

You might say that I was a little excited to hear that Spider-Man: Homecoming's first trailer was dropping with the release of Rouge One (or potentially the Agents of SHIELD finale).

So, as you've gathered, I'm a huge fan. I want to see the web head succeed in this new Marvel/Sony courtship that's going on, so here are some of the things I hope they get right and what I want to see in the trailer:

5. Connectivity

Seeing how Peter Parker's story connects with the wider should go without saying, but I don't mean I want to see the final Infinity Stone pop up for no good reason; I want more than alluding to events of past movies. If rumors are to be believed, Tony Stark may just be giving us some more of that connective tissue. Could we see a team-up? Or the development of the Iron-Spider suit?

Only time will tell, but I will be happy even if it's just a cameo type thing, we have got to see it.

4. A Whole Spidey World

I'm not suggesting they drop the Spidey-verse on us or try to bring in the Venom family from the get-go; however, Peter Parker has been at this for a little while now, so I'd love to see nods to some of his previous villains and others that he's keeping an eye on. If rumors are to be believed about The Vulture and Shocker being the two villains we'll see this time around, I can't imagine that Sony has completely benched their Sinister Six plans. Maybe we could see that developed with both past and future villains? I don't know, but we need to know what Peter was up to before Civil War.

3. Brain And Brawn

Apart from being a brainiac, we also see in Captain America: Civil War that Spidey is one strong dude, so I hope he doesn't lose any of that strength visually in the upcoming movie. While the past two iterations have done their best, Spider-Man seemed to be more of a rag doll than a physical threat to the previous villains. I think giving the audience a taste of that strength is part of what makes Tom Holland's version so great — so more of that along with his brilliance.

2. More Recruits

The Ultimate Spider-Man series really did a lot of good when it comes to retcon for our wed head. It brings in S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, The Avengers, as well as a new team of young Avengers in training. While they won't be bringing in this exact team (with Luke Cage and Iron Fist being older and involved in their own Netflix series), this could be a great opportunity to bring in some newer characters that could grow with the franchise. Also, I've said it before...

Zendaya has got to be playing White Tiger.

1. More Complex Villains

Marvel has taken some heat for their more recent villains and it's not all wrong. Some of the biggest problems with the previous Spider-Man movies were the underdeveloped villains (though, I'll admit my own unpopular opinion: Spider-Man 2 did a pretty great job with Doc Ock — if only they wouldn't have killed him). With the amazing cast being brought together for this film, you have to assume that actors and actresses in the realm of Michael Keaton wouldn't have signed on to play mediocre parts. Here's hoping.

What do you hope to see in Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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