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It's almost been a year since we bid farewell to Jesse Custer and his eccentric sidekicks on AMC's Preacher. The first season aired last summer and became an instant hit, but the show ended on a cliffhanger that left us gasping to find out what happens next. Well, fans can officially start praising God because the hit series returned for its second season on Sunday night.

The second season premiere featured everything fans could have hoped for, from '70s style car chases to confrontations with killers. While will no doubt deliver another exciting instalment on Monday night, the season premiere was filled with several little Easter Eggs so, without further ado, let's take a look at 5 things you might have missed from "On The Road."

1. The Story Of The 'Preacher' Comic Has Officially Begun

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

When Preacher started last year, a lot of fans were infuriated at the pace the series was moving at. The Preacher comics are renowned for the storyline in which Jesse journeys across the United States in search of God, yet the first season of the AMC adaptation found the religious speaker sitting around Annville, hosting services and tending to the sick.

While the Season 1 finale did set the search for God in motion (and the town of Annville was blown to smithereens), it was really the Season 2 premiere really set the ball rolling. Moreover, the very first scene was a complete change in pace and tone from the previous season. The episode opened with several brutal murders, a high speed car chase and more comedy than you would expect from a sitcom. Say what you will about the first season, but Season 2 has wasted no time in getting down to the story of the Preacher comics.

2. Is Genesis Still Affecting Jesse's Good Nature?

We posed this question back in Season 1 and it seems it's still as relevant as ever because Genesis is clearly affecting Jesse's human nature. This was highlighted on multiple occasions during the season premiere, firstly during his arrest at the beginning of the episode. As Jesse and Tulip were interrogated by the surrounding officers, the preacher invoked his holy (or unholy) abilities, forcing the officers to do as he bid. Jesse made one officer continually use mace spray on his groin, causing the policeman to writhe in agony. That doesn't sound very religious now, does it?

Jesse's morals again came into question later in the episode when our protagonists encountered an imprisoned girl; Jesse refused to help, telling Tulip that its "none of our business." The special gift that the small town preacher possesses may come in handy, but having the ability to force others to do your bidding no doubt takes its toll on your humanity.

3. The Fish Tank And Chest Was A Comic Book Easter Egg

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

One of the most interesting scenes in the season premiere episode arose during a trip down memory lane. Tulip was flipping through an old photo album of Mike's that featured photos of Jesse's parents, John Custer and Christina L'Angelle. When Cassidy questioned Jesse as to why there were no other L'Angelle family members present in the photograph, we switched to a shot of Jesse with the camera pulling focus on the fish tank behind him. The small treasure chest in the tank opens and an anchor sound effect plays as Jesse answers with "they weren't invited."

Eagle-eyed Reddit user Vinzclortho37 noticed that this scene is a Preacher comic book Easter Egg. In the comic books, Jesse is frequently tortured by being submerged in a coffin underwater. Whether or not this was just a neat little Easter Egg or something concrete about TV Jesse's past has yet to be seen.

4. The Amazing Ganesh Is Fiore

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

During the motel scene with Jesse and Tulip, the Amazing Ganesh is advertised on television. Interestingly, the shot changed before the identity of Ganesh could be revealed to viewers. However, upon further analysis, we're pretty sure that Ganesh is in fact, Fiore — the angel from Season 1 that tried to warn Jesse about the dangers of Genesis. Considering his fellow angel DeBlanc was murdered, perhaps Fiore is trying to make ends meet by performing some holy magic tricks in his spare time? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

5. The Episode Was Dedicated To Steve Dillion, Artist Of The 'Preacher' Comics

As the episode reached its conclusion, a title card popped up on screen featuring the words "For Steve." This title card is referring to comic book artist Steve Dillion, who worked with Garth Ennis on the Preacher comics. Dillion died last year after complications from a ruptured appendix.

Dillion worked with Ennis on several projects, including Hellblazer and The Punisher and was also credited as an executive producer on Preacher's first season.

We don't have long to wait as the next installment of Preacher hits screens on June 26th as the show moves to its new Monday night time slot. With the Saint of Killers heading straight for Jesse Custer, things are going to get a lot worse for the small-town preacher before they get better. Either way, Preacher is back and its stronger than ever!

Preacher airs Mondays on AMC. Did you notice anything else in the Season 2 premiere? Tell us in the comment section below.


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