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The second season of Preacher returned to screens last week with not one, but two jaw-dropping episodes. The hit AMC series catapulted viewers straight back into the crazy world of Jesse Custer, Tulip O' Hare and vampire Cassidy as the eccentric group of do-gooders set out to search for the almighty God.

After encountering a bit of a hiccup with the cowboy, known as the Saint of Killers, hunting Jesse down to murder him, the kooky threesome continued their search this week, arriving in New Orleans. Remember, God likes jazz and where better to search for him than the home of jazz music?

The third episode was every bit as crazy as you would expect and still found time to shock us all with more revelations. Considering there was a lot going on, you probably missed a few important details but fear not my fellow fans, here are five things of importance that you probably missed in 'Damsels'. Spoilers follow.

1. The 'Preacher' Opening Credits Are Back

'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]
'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]

We couldn't help but shriek a little when we heard the classic Preacher theme tune. The opening credits have been absent since the penultimate episode of Season 1, and it has become common place for the hit AMC series to use the title card during the more lengthy installments, which is likely why the credits have been absent for quite some time.

There has also been a few adjustments made to the opening credits due to Season 2 moving location to New Orleans. The titles now feature multiple shots of New Orleans as opposed to Season 1 which was completely filled with shots of Annville.

2. Eugene Didn't Shoot Tracy

'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]
'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]

The story of how Eugene was shot and became "arseface" was never truly explained during the first season, and there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding Tracy's gunshot wound. However, the latest episode opened with a flashback scene as viewers finally got the opportunity to see what happened to both Tracy and Eugene.

Tracy summoned Eugene over to her place, upset that her boyfriend had cheated on her. A pre-arseface Eugene, looking rather handsome, arrived at her house and attempted to talk her out of her suicide plans. After his attempts failed, Tracy shot herself and a distraught Eugene tried to do the same. He pulled the trigger but nothing happened. Confused, he stared down the barrel of the gun, which then let out a shot.

A rather shocking, disturbing and somehow comedic opening which went on to reveal that Eugene is reliving his most horrific moment over and over in Hell. It was certainly interesting to finally see how Eugene became arseface and now we know that he didn't shoot Tracy.

3. Dog Is God Backwards

'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]
'Preacher' [Credit: AMC]

While searching for God, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy found themselves in an unusal situation. A bartender in a New Orleans bar guided the threesome to an underground room when they enquired about God's whereabouts. Considering this was the first bar they had visited, viewers knew that it was unlikely that they'd found God already.

Instead, they found themselves looking at a man, dressed in a pretty convincing dog outfit, staring back at them. It became clear that it was some sort of freaky sex game and this is what the bartender thought Jesse was looking for when he wanted to find God. Although the show didn't spend too much time explaining why the bartender brought Jesse here, it's likely due to the fact that "god" is "dog" backwards.

4. Everyone Is Keeping Secrets

One thing that became apparent in the latest episode is that everyone is keeping secrets from one another — primarily, Tulip and Cassidy. The Irish vampire told Tulip that his friend, Dennis, would be more than happy to allow them to crash at his place. However, upon arriving, both Tulip and the viewers quickly caught on that Dennis doesn't like Cassidy, suggesting that the vampire hasn't been honest about how the two know each other.

The biggest secret keeper of all this week was Tulip. Her uneasiness about being in New Orleans was apparent throughout the entire episode, from making up weak lies or shooting down everything Jesse said — she didn't want to be there. As Cassidy tried to work out what was going on with her, she avoided telling him anything. Jesse himself also kept a secret or two — for example, after encountering the Jazz singer, Laura, Jesse didn't tell Tulip about her. Moreover, Laura has a pretty big secret of her own — she's working with the creepy religious organization that are trying to take out God.

5. The Meaning Of The Episode Title

The episode is titled "Damsels" and is most likely derived from the popular phrase "damsels in distress." More than appropriate for the episode, the latest installment of Preacher saw several female characters in need of help, from Laura at the Jazz club, who needed rescuing from the religious organization plotting against God, to Tulip whose secrets and lies have landed her in a pretty bleak situation. Having said that, both women are fighters and we're thinking that it'll be the damsels' enemies that will be experiencing the distress in the future.

There's no doubt that this was another captivating episode of Preacher and that jaw-dropping cliffhanger has certainly left us excited to see what will come next for our crazy protagonists. As Tulip deals with her past, Jesse will need to deal with his future and with the Saint of Killers on his tail, he'd better be more careful in his search for God. Either way, the hit AMC series is better than ever. Roll on, Episode 4.

Preacher airs Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.

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