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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Fan favorite Thirteen Ghosts is a creatively executed reboot of William Castle's schlock classic 13 Ghosts, which still stands up to repeat viewing all these years later. Athough critics were scornful of the lovable romp through the big glass house, the sound production of the film was routinely praised — even by Roger Ebert, who placed Thirteen Ghosts on his 'Most Hated' list. Check out the fabulous Thirteen Ghosts soundtrack that made the movie so atmospheric.

Tricky - 'Excess'

  • Did You Know? The song features uncredited backing vocals from Alanis Morissette.
  • Label: Hollywood Records/Anti Inc.

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Rah Digga - 'Mirror Mirror'

  • Did You Know? Rah Digga is an actor in Thirteen Ghosts, playing the Kriticos family nanny, Maggie Bess.
  • Label: Flipmode Records/J Records

It's a common misconception that Rob Zombie features on the Thirteen Ghosts soundtrack, because his song 'The Great American Nightmare' references the film:

Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah / Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head

Step right up and feel the fire / Hardcore love of the never dead


Do you love 'Thirteen Ghosts'?

Only two 'songs' feature on the Thirteen Ghosts soundtrack, but the movie is enhanced by John Frizzell's fabulous score. It's a really cool piece of music, created by a composer with a real love and curiosity for unusual instruments and what music can do. Frizzell — who also composed for Ghost Ship, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and the upcoming Leatherface — spoke of his love of horror composing to Mulderville:

"Horror allows a composer to go all out and explore the oddest of the odd, the most dissonant of the dissonant, the edge of what is even music. So, it is a highly creative type of score to write."

Enjoy the full Thirteen Ghosts motion picture score via Spotify below.

(Source: Mulderville, BSOSpirit, )

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