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At 80 years old, 'Grandma Shirley' is one of the oldest active YouTubers out there. With over 300 episodes of her Skyrim Let's Play, she also happens to be one of the most prolific Skyrim players on . This is certainly one of the more unique Skyrim playthroughs we've seen,

Oh, and she introduces every video with "Hi, grandkids!" before launching into her playthrough.

I love it.

Grandma Shirley uploaded her first Skyrim LP video on September 18, 2015 - and since has racked up a following of over 230,000 subscribers and 5.9 million video views. Her first episode of Skyrim alone has 1.2 million views!

In her 300th video update vlog, Shirley shows off her Silver Play Button, which YouTube awards to video creators who get over 100,000 subscribers, and she goes through a fan mail unboxing like any other popular YouTuber.

This 300th Skyrim Let's Play episode video coincides with the release of Skyrim Special Edition, and she released a separate video celebrating the release.

The Most Friendly Comments Section On YouTube

More importantly, I don't think I've ever seen a YouTube comments section even half as nice and friendly as the comments on Shirley Curry's Skyrim Let's Play series. It's so damn heartwarming.

Below are just a handful of gems from Grandma Shirley's comments section.

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