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Ask anyone to name a comic book villain and many will instantly blurt out, "The Joker!" without a moment's hesitation. The Clown Prince of Crime is arguably the most iconic villain ever created, and comic readers and moviegoers alike have all relished in witnessing the hilarity and chaos he brings to our pages and screens. Pity poor !

The joke's on you, Batsy!
The joke's on you, Batsy!

In recent years, talented actors have given us new and unique adaptations of the character, each delivering a new blend of hilarious madness. Indeed, Heath Ledger gifted us one of the most all-time celebrated performances of the Joker with his portrayal of a darker, grittier villain in 2008's The Dark Knight. While Ledger tragically passed away shortly before the movie's release, he was awarded a much-deserved posthumous Oscar for his stellar performance. The role later passed to Jared Leto for Suicide Squad, and his interpretation of the focused more on the character's sheer madness and the unpredictability of the antihero we know and love.

Why so serious? Via
Why so serious? Via

There has been much debate about which of these two versions of the Joker not only best represents the true personality of the character but also whose performance was so deranged and insane that they truly stunned audiences with their take on the infamous comic book villain.

YouTube group Ismahawk, who has a brilliant selection of -related videos, decided to settle this debate once and for all in the fairest way possible: A good ol' fashioned shootout!

Check out the amazing video from Ismahawk's Minute Match-Ups series below:

The whole video is a nerdy dream come true, with stellar homages to both Ledger and Leto's respective Jokers performed by talented actors Noel Schefflin and Jan Flugum.

The chaos that ensues is beautiful to behold, and make sure you look out for the surprise cameo near the end. It's sure to put a smile on your face.

Say cheese! Via
Say cheese! Via

Did this video settle the Joker vs. Joker debate for good? Let us know in the comments!

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