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With reports indicating that DC is planning a Harley Quinn vs. The Joker movie, until recently the future of David Ayer's Gotham City Sirens looked bleak at best. The film is highly anticipated by fans, thanks to it being the first female led anti-hero comic book adaptation (now that's a mouthful!) Gotham City Sirens would mark the first time, , Harley Quinn, and Posion Ivy unite onscreen to become the badass trio from comic books. But with DC not officially including the film in its slate of upcoming movies, fans assumed that the project had been scrapped. Now though, a simple Twitter follow has given DC fans hope again, as well as an inkling of who might play Catwoman in the DCEU.

The Potential Catwoman

For a while now, some fans have been of the firm belief that 's Eiza Gonzalez will be DC's Catwoman. The rumors began in 2016 when it was reported that the actress was being courted by DC for the role of Selina Kyle for Gotham City Sirens. Subsequently, the actress followed DC Entertainment, president Geoff Johns, and Gotham City Sirens director David Ayer — which naturally added fuel to the fire.

But it was Gonzalez's Instagram story of this year that has fans wondering if she had nabbed the role of Catwoman for the film.

[Credit: Instagram @eizagonzalez]
[Credit: Instagram @eizagonzalez]

In the Instagram story, the actress posted pictures of her in a get-up which was strangely reminiscent of Catwoman's catsuit from the , calling it her uniform.

After that, fans noticed that she was being followed on Instagram by David Ayer himself. Fans also noticed that she has chopped off her long hair, in a style quite like the one that Catwoman has in the comics.

It's possible that has quietly chosen the actress for the project in advance, lest she is poached by Marvel. If so, this wouldn't be the first time that DC has secretly hired someone: Aquaman actor Jason Momoa had to keep his casting a secret for five years, so this isn't something new in the superhero film world.

However, the actress is 27 years old and her being so much younger than Ben Affleck does reduce the validity of this theory — as in this continuity, Batman has been at the vigilante business for two decades, which should mean that he has already had many entanglements with Catwoman, if the DCEU movies follow the story of the comics.

Of course it is possible that Bruce Wayne's DCEU love interest is not going to be but rather someone else. Nonetheless, if Gonzalez is cast in then she'll certainly be a welcome addition to the film.

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