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recently complained that most people just think of him as an action star when he hates action movies, but one thing we haven't forgotten is his incredible performance alongside in 's 1997 time traveling classic, 12 Monkeys.

Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment, producer of the original film, are reportedly involved involved, along with Terra Nova screenwriters Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett. Like the original film, the movie will follow a time traveler sent to the past who must stop the spread of a virus that will destroy humanity.

I'm all for this adaptation, however I'm a little hesitant because its on Syfy. Maybe I haven't been checking out enough of what they're offering lately (besides Sharknado and occasionally binge-watching Face Off), but I hope they can do scripted programming justice. Syfy is also working on a project called Dominion, which is an adaptation of the angel movie Legion from 2010.

Here's hoping we can just create a time machine and travel back to the days when Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, and made movies like this.

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