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If there is one thing us '90s kids adore, it's a '90s flashback. Nobody can exactly pinpoint what caused our generation to hold on to this burning nostalgia more than a decade later, but maybe it's a reminder of simpler times, the scrunchies and Slime, or the unwavering supply of Saturday morning cartoons.

You might have watched Dexter's Laboratory on Cartoon Network or maybe you were, like me, a huge nerd and didn't miss a single episode of Doug or . Whatever your preference, bringing these cartoons to life today is just another way some fans love to pay tribute to perhaps the greatest decade of all time. And one artist has done it in a whole new fashion.

Phi Phi's 365 Days Of Drag

In a project titled , drag performer Jaremi Carey(also known as Phi Phi O'Hara) spent every day dressing in drag to become some of the most iconic characters of past years. Of those 365 photos, Phi Phi chose to replicate some of our favorite cartoons from the '90s.

Phi Phi is best known for being the runner up on Ru Paul's in the fourth season of the show. After being labeled as the "villain" of the season, she spent 2016 showing off her work as a remarkable artist and performer by dressing in drag every day for the entire year. She does an absolutely outstanding representation of every character she portrays, including '90s favorites like Rogue of X-Men and Helga from Hey Arnold.

Here are just a few of our '90s favorites:

Pepper Ann


I bet you forgot about some of these parents from Rugrats:

Doug and The Wild Thornberrys

She even does Doug's sister, Judy and little Eliza.

She clearly has her own case of the nostaglias, as she shows off '90s memorbilia on her constantly-entertaining Instagram page. The Spice Girls and Ninja Turtles? I feel like we could be best friends.

Her page is full of characters from the '90s as well as recent favorites such as Harley Quinn and the rest of the gang and characters from . You name it, and Phi Phi has probably cosplayed it. Nowadays, you can see Phi Phi throwing on glamorous Lady Gaga attire or fashioning herself as more of your favorite '90s characters.

For more of your '90s favorites, follow Phi Phi on Instagram and for more goodness check out some of the best from NYCC below.

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