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Brian Salisbury

Hope you're hungry for 's latest horror flick, because according to The Wrap, Open Road has just given The Green Inferno an official release date: September 5th, 2014.

The film--which Roth co-wrote, produced and directed--follows a group of young activists who make a grave mistake when they travel to the Amazon to save an indigenous tribe. They are confronted with a horde of flesh-eaters, and no we don't mean zombies.

Personally, I can't muster any excitement for this project. I definitely consider myself a horrorphile, but I have never understood the affinity many horror fans have for the sleazy cannibal films of the 70s (such as Cannibal Holocaust), films to which Green Inferno is largely beholden. If Green Inferno does well financially, I would hate to see a new wave of these trashy cannibal flicks.

What do you guys think?

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