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Alisha Grauso

The movie hasn't even aired yet on HBO, and already, Behind the Candelabra is generating some serious Oscar buzz, not just for its two stars, and , but also for director , whose candid speech about the state of cinema still has the internet talking.

HBO has released an incredible, 12-minute featurette that goes behind the scenes and gives us a fascinating look at how the cast and crew studied the split lives of Liberace - and how expensive it was to painstakingly recreate the set pieces and costumes for Liberace, long-known to live a life of complete excess:


So basically, what this shows us is that Liberace took moderation and then beat it into the ground. Movie-making is such a fascinating process for me. For all the accolades that the actors get, and then the directors and producers, it's the camera crew, the costume and set designers, and everyone else that actually put a movie together. I can't imagine how much work it would have taken to film this.

Behind the Candelabra airs May 26th on HBO, but an extended featurette will drop a few days before that on the 22nd. Expect to see conversation about this movie picking back up again in time for the awards season later this year.


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