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Sophie Atkinson

You guys, this guy just made your Halloween costume look fit for Sunday School. Cosplayer Julian Checkley has spent years working on a ginormous, ridiculously good Wookiee costume. He revealed the astonishing costume for the first time in the video below, so now presumably cosplayers the world over are pulling sickies and working their way through bottles of whiskey to deal with their relentless feelings of inadequacy.

Checkley has incorporated stilts so that the full costume stands at a cloud-grazing 8 ft 2 tall.


Checkley also posted the following rough sketch to show how a human would fit inside this vast bundle of fur:

Plus this sultry still of him goofing around with the skull:

When you put that much effort into your costume, you don't want to screw up on the little details. So Checkley went ahead and installed a soundboard to the skull, so any time the costume's mouth is open it releases those distinctive Wookiee growls:


Awesome or ridiculously awesome? Let us know below, and check out the process in more detail here if you want all the details on how it was lovingly constructed.


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