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Karly Rayner

When this truly original zombie short with a twist landed in the Movie Pilot inbox we were so psyched that we just had to share the love!

Chad Akerman worked 4 part time jobs to make this horror short happen, and boy are we glad he did. Thanks to his tenacity, and support from his wife (the videos producer, Laura Akerman) Chad managed to secure top shelf professionals to whip up the impressive make-up effects. The stunning special effects make-up might look familiar, and thats because it comes from Frank Ippolito of SyFy's Face-Off! Impressive.

Equally impressive is the fact that Chad is also behind the music featured on the video. After a 10 year career has a professional musician, Chad wrote 32 songs for his solo project 'A Veil' and 'Tombs' was created as a promo.

I don't want to give too much away before you feast your eyes on this stunning short, so enjoy the video below.


We would love to know what you horror aficionados think of Tombs, so share your comments below and give Chad some feedback!

(Source: Youtube)

(Images: Horror Bug via Chad Akerman)


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