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Now, in a world of supposedly 'iconic' #superhero fist-fights, there are arguably very few that truly earn that lofty title. After all, for every genuinely special moment of costumed brutality, there are half a hundred more that seem more like a pair of action figures being thrust together for no apparent reason.

One battle that does truly earn its reputation, though, is the first meeting of everyone's favorite Canadian mass-murderer, #Wolverine, and the not-so-jolly-green-giant himself, #TheHulk. After all, their very first meeting was also Wolverine's very first appearance in a comic-book, and has thus earned the right to be spoken of only in the most hushed and reverent of tones.

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Since then, of course, the pair have been thrust together on several other occasions - with one of the more recent, in the #MarkMillar-penned '#OldManLogan' story-line, proving to be something of a modern classic of the form, featuring as it did Wolverine bursting out from The Hulk's stomach, having been eaten by the villainous, elderly version of Banner.

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Fans hoping to see such a moment turn up on the big screen in the new year, when #Fox's #Logan hits theaters, look set to be sorely disappointed, however. Y'see, with Marvel Studios holding the rights to The Hulk (as well as several other key players in the original 'Old Man Logan' story, it seems that Fox's take on the tale will be on the... looser end of the spectrum:

For anyone who's still not entirely OK with that absence, though, then fear not:

This Hulk Vs Wolverine Art Gives Us A Cruelly Teasing Look At The Logan That Might Have Been

Arriving courtesy of artist George Evangelista, the artwork depicts a distinctly #HughJackman-like Wolverine battling and aged, yet still Mark Ruffalo-esque Hulk, in precisely the sort of fashion Logan might, in another reality, have featured.

That, however, wasn't to be, meaning we'll have to console ourselves with Evangelista's artwork (which you can see more of right here), the original comic-books... and the promise of a 'Planet Hulk' style Gladiator Hulk beating the snot out of #Thor in next year's #ThorRagnarok.

Still want even more Wolverine news, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you reckon? Will Logan lack a certain something by not featuring The Hulk? Let us know below!