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Ever wonder what the tragically-mishandled, beautiful The Iron Giant movie might have looked like had it gotten a sequel? How about this?

You'll notice the image is a few years old, but, much like the movie that inspired it, it didn't get nearly the recognition it deserved. Now, it's enjoying a bit of a resurgence on creator Jordan Kotzbue's Tumblr page. The image, Kotzbue explains, was originally created for the 2009 celebration of the 10th anniversary of the movie.

I wanted to do a piece of what I would have liked to see in a sequel. Ten years after the events of the first movie, the Giant finally puts himself back together again. When he goes searching for Hogarth, he finds out Hogarth is in Vietnam. All the while an invasion is approaching, with some familiar looking machines. It is discovered that the Giant was just a scout!

It's an interesting take to set it ten years into the future and in Vietnam, but it makes sense, considering the timeline of the original film. Unfortunately, it just kind of rubs salt in the wound that 's beautiful, heartfelt animated classic never got a chance to show audiences what it could do, thanks to a completely bungled marketing campaign at the time by Warner Bros. Seriously, they were sitting on something incredible and they completely mishandled it, and it still makes me angry years later. Bad marketing is one thing. Bad marketing of an amazing project is another, and one that will send me into a nerdrage. As a result, most people who eventually came to discover and love The Iron Giant did so through video and not in theaters as the studio wanted.

Anyone feel like getting a Kickstarter campaign started for this? If Veronica Mars can raise $4 million, surely an Iron Giant sequel could raise a substantial amount.



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