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This Is Us has become one of NBC’s most beloved shows, and the gut-wrenching drama continually gives audiences all the feels. The show deals with real human emotion in a variety of different ways, including following the characters during various stages of their lives. This Is Us has received strong critical support since its debut, and recently scooped up 11 nominations at this year's Emmys.

The lovely plays Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us, and does a commendable job of portraying Rebecca during various chapters of her life. Thanks to the show's expert make-up artists, Moore is transformed into a 66-year-old version of Rebecca Pearson, and she recently shared the lengthy cosmetic aging process on an Instagram Live broadcast.

Mandy Moore Transforms Into 66-Year-Old Rebecca Person For This Is Us

Moore’s Instagram Live post shows the actress having her make-up done, which includes changing the tone of her skin, as well as adding a layer of prosthesis to simulate wrinkles. In the first clip, the make-up artists are laying the foundation for the aging process, and focusing on creating wrinkles around Moore’s upper lip.

The second clip shows Moore’s transformation following her make-over, with the actress almost camera-ready for This Is Us. It’s worth noting that Moore does not have any make-up applied to her forehead, because she wears a wig that covers that section of her face.

According to People, Moore gave some insight into her transformation during the Instagram Live post, and told her fans what the hardest part of the process is:

"This is 66. Look how incredible all of this is. We haven’t even done any of the painting and stuff yet. The hardest part is the removal process. It’s pretty tricky and it’s really hard on my skin. I have really sensitive skin."

This is Us [Credit: NBC]
This is Us [Credit: NBC]

Mandy Moore’s make-up for This Is Us does make her look twice her age; however, it’s done in a way that is subtle, and looks natural for the actress. At first glance, 66-year-old Mandy Moore looks a lot like the wonderful Diane Keaton, which is a feat that the make-up team and Moore should be very pleased with.

Memorable TV Stars That Have Been Made-Up To Look Older On Television

How I Met Your Mother [Credit: CBS]
How I Met Your Mother [Credit: CBS]

Mandy Moore is hardly the first person who has been made-up to look older for a TV role, but it's more common to find these aging prosthetics on comedy shows. Most actors who are aged-up work in the realm of TV comedies, and even Moore herself was once made-up with co-star Zach Braff on Scrubs to look elderly — although her Scrubs make-up looked a lot sillier than than her make-up on This Is Us.

Almost the entire cast of How I Met Your Mother was transformed into older versions of themselves for flash-forwards, but Neil Patrick Harris was the stand out. Harris’s character Barney Stinson wore self-described “old-man make-up” to prove that he could pick up 20-year-old women when he was 80. Sure, Barney Stinson hitting on women doesn’t have the same emotional resonance as anything on This Is Us, but it was a hilarious bit, and one of the best moments of the show.

The show continues to impress, and credit must go to its amazing ensemble cast. Hopefully, This Is Us Season 2 will live up to the incredibly high bar set by the first season, but until it premieres in the fall, make sure you get caught up on all the wonder that was Season 1.

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(Source: People)


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