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On October 2, 2016, a woman was tied up, had duct tape forced over her mouth, and was dumped in a bathtub with a gun to her head while five men entered her home. She thought she was going to be raped, as any woman in that situation would automatically think. Hilarious, right?

It just so happens that that woman was Kim Kardashian West, and the robbers, while refraining from sexual assault, stole several million dollars worth of jewelry from her. With that in mind, here's the most amazing, screamingly funny Halloween costume you're likely to see this year, courtesy of Costumeish! The bold company nimbly side-steps libelous activity by describing the get-up as "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit." Shame, the opportunistic japesters could have settled on the equally entertaining "Terrified Woman Who Thinks She's Going To Be Raped Costume Kit."

Hilarious bound and gagged woman kit / Costumeish
Hilarious bound and gagged woman kit / Costumeish

LMFAO! It's almost as funny as the assault itself, described by a source in this side-splitting account:

"[Kim] was hysterical but not screaming as she knew she had to keep quiet to survive. The reports of her fear of being raped are real. She really did think she was going to be raped. She had a gun to her head the whole time."

ROFL! The kit includes the following amusing accoutrements for recreating the mirthful shenanigans of the five-men-on-one-bound-woman assault:

  • White Short Sexy Robe
  • Long Black Wig
  • "$4 Million Dollar" Ring
  • Large Sunglasses
  • Fake Gag
  • 2' of Rope

Not included: gun for pressing jokingly into victim's skull, authentic duct tape, or scripted witticisms: you'll have to ad lib your own violent threats! Enjoy your own assault with sinister sexual overtones today for the price of only $69.99.

Concerned that mocking a woman tied up and terrified of rape is a might tarnish your stalwart reputation? Don't worry, Kim Kardashian is not a human, but a worthless whore demon who deserves to live in terror of sexual assault, so it's funny! ROFL!

*** UPDATE ***

After a heavy public backlash against the tasteless costume, it's been removed from sale and Costumeish tweeted a public apology.

It's good to see that the company came to their senses, especially as their slogan is "costumes for everybody!"


What do you think about the Kim Kardashian 'Parisian Heist Robber Victim' costume?

[Source: Daily Mail]


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