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The much awaited first episode of the new series, Legion, has finally landed and FOX has certainly created something uniquely different with their take on David Charles Haller and the X-Verse.

The style and tone of the show is very much designed to keep the viewer in the same position as David himself, not knowing what is real. There were however a few anchors or clues that could help.

One of the most interesting characters is Sydney, the free spirited, but withdrawn, girl who David meets and falls for in Clockworks. Her story in the first episode of Legion is very much a source of confusion for David. Neither he or the viewer know if she's real or perhaps one of the personas that appear to manifest via screens in his head.

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In Sydney's case however there is a very big music related Easter Egg that could help solve her riddle early. Rock fans should get this, but it may surprise you to learn that Sydney's name is very deliberate!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

"Syd" Barrett was the original genius behind the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd in the late 60's. He was a pioneer of new and exciting musical techniques including the use of echo, feedback and dissonant chords. Check out use of "Interstellar Overdrive" in for a great example of how he changed forever.

Where Does This Fit Into Legion?

Syd Barrett was famously kicked out of Pink Floyd in 1968 after his erratic behavior became too much for his band mates to tolerate. While never confirmed, many claim that Barrett suffered from schizophrenia, which was made worse by his use of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, while others, including his sister, claim that Syd just suffered a breakdown.

After that, Barrett quit music altogether and dedicated his life to gardening. (Anyone who ever saw the movie Still Crazy will recognize the character of Brian being very close to Syd Barrett.)

Well it should, as it is very much like David Haller and Sydney. The confusion as to whether they are crazy, affected by the drugs they are taking, or whether they're the same person or if he simply possesses genius/powers above those of his peers, it all echoes the unusual story of the real Syd Barrett.

Both Sydney and David are facing many of the same demons that Syd Barrett did. Even those around them not sure if it's "all in their heads" or a real battle they are facing.

Legion [Credit: Fox]
Legion [Credit: Fox]

There are bound to be more twists and turns involving both David and Sydney to come, and hopefully at least one sequence involving one of Floyd's tribute tunes for their former leader, "Wish You Were Here" or "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

Did you spot any other Easter Eggs in Legion? If you did, add them into the comments.


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