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Now, sure, the recently released #trailer for #Fox's upcoming #Wolverine solo movie, #Logan, may be about as downbeat an introduction to a superhero movie as you're likely to see this side of the DCEU, but that hasn't in any way dampened our collective enthusiasm for the project. Indeed, as it turns out, achingly sad Johnny Cash vocals, lingering, melancholy shots of sad superheroes, and, of course, occasional bursts of ultra-violence all add up to a pretty darned satisfying trailer experience.

The first trailer isn't, however, the be all and end all of sober, #HughJackman-centric video sadness. Y'see, an intrepid YouTuber, afauclair recently decided to recut the Logan trailer to be even more fundamentally upsetting. And, so...

This Logan Mashup Trailer Will Make You Feel Even Worse For Wolverine

After all, it seems that adding in particularly poignant scenes from Logan's horrifyingly traumatic past really is able to make an already smile-shatteringly upsetting trailer even more sad. Which, of course, is both absolutely the point, and really rather great.

It also, of course, raises the question of just how many flashbacks in a similar vein we'll see in the full version of Logan. After all, with our hero clearly being haunted by his past in the trailer, it seems entirely possible that we'll see at least a few moments from his presumably goddamn awful past. Now, sure, with the way Fox's X-Movies have messed with their own timelines, it's tough to know just what Logan's take on Logan's past actually is, but either way, it seems sure to feature at least one sad memory involving Jean Grey, right?

Either that, or we'll just watch Wolverine straight-up-murdering all of the #XMen, in classic comic book fashion.

[Marvel Comics]
[Marvel Comics]

Because yup, that's totally a thing that happened.

Still want more Logan, though? Well then, how about a look at what Hurt means to the movie, a topless Hugh Jackman, and perhaps even the original, unedited trailer?

In the meantime, what do you think? Just what flashback will (or won't) we see in Logan? Let us know below!