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Dominican singer Romeo Santos is an award-winning Latin mega superstar with a sensual charm that makes his fans go bananas. The Roc Nation artist is known as the King of Bachata, a popular genre that originated from his native country the Dominican Republic. When the king releases a song his marketing strategy is usually something that flies above the competition, but this time he's taken it to the level of a superhero.

To promote his latest single "Héroe Favorito" Romeo Santos has partnered with Entertainment and the results are Avengers-level awesome.

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Romeo Santos Is Your New Favorite Superhero

In his recent interview with, Santos revealed that it was an honor to work alongside the superhero company. After picking "Héroe Favorito" as the promotional single for his upcoming album Golden, his label Roc Nation proposed the idea to join forces with Marvel Entertainment.

A unique and rather unusual move, the partnership has proved to be a massive success with the song's music video already garnering over four million views and counting. It is currently number four on YouTube's trending list. The rigorous promotion included wide social media coverage of Santos' new song by both Marvel and the artist's social media group.

Santos also revealed in the podcast that his favorite Marvel heroes are Spider-Man and the incredible Hulk. His love for those characters can be seen in the song's music video when Santos is climbing a building and smashes a wall.

Even his superhero costume, as seen in the official artwork for the single below, seems to be inspired by Marvel Comics characters, in particular, Black Bolt, Black Panther and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. uniforms.

Romeo Santos' superhero costume. [Credit: Roc Nation]
Romeo Santos' superhero costume. [Credit: Roc Nation]

While the singer didn't don the costume in the music video, fans are hoping to see Santos join his close friend Vin Diesel in a future sequel.

Santos made his acting debut in Furious 7 and while this isn't the first time Diesel has included Latin superstars in his movies (Reggaeton singer Nicky Jam recently appeared in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage; Don Omar and Tego Calderon have appeared multiple times in the Fast and the Furious franchise ), the inclusion of the Bachata singer was a fantastic addition.

Romeo Santos Is Also A DC Comics Fan

Behind the scenes of Romeo Santos' "Héroe Favorito" [Credit: Romeo Santos]
Behind the scenes of Romeo Santos' "Héroe Favorito" [Credit: Romeo Santos]

While Santos loves his characters it's worth noting that he is also a Comics fan. In "Héroe Favorito" he references , the Flash and . He even has a line that incorporates Batman's Batcave into the song's catchy hook.

His main powers in the video are also very DC-themed. He utilizes the Flash's super speed to save the woman he loves and he even flies into outer space like Superman.

Though Santos payed homage to DC's prominent , his love for Marvel seems to prevail. Especially in the music video's end scene which recreates that famous kiss between Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dusnt) in 2001's Spider-Man.

"Héroe Favorito"

"Héroe Favorito" [Credit: Roc Nation]
"Héroe Favorito" [Credit: Roc Nation]

"Héroe Favorito" is an amazing song that you'll love to hear over and over again. The superhero-themed song has already become a worldwide hit for Romeo Santos and his partnership with Marvel has definitely brought the song and its music video to the next level.

Hopefully we'll see the King of Bachata cameo in the comics, or even better, in the . After all, he'd be a great addition to the next Marvel Dance Off.

Did you enjoy Romeo Santos' new song? Should he join the Guardians of the Galaxy? Let me know in the comments below!



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