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Warner Bros' attempt to turn a gang of C-List DC villains into bankable superheroes may not have been the critical success that the studio was hoping for, but Suicide Squad still managed to make an obscene amount of money for such a largely unknown creative property. What's more, the highly publicised deleted scenes helped boost sales of its extended cut, so the film hardly lacked for money-making opportunities - something that will surely help increase the chances of that potential sequel being made.

What the movie did lack, though, was the aforementioned Joker, a relative absence that was partly - but not entirely - resolved by the extended edition of the film. Which, of course, makes it all the more intriguing that...

This New 'Suicide Squad' Image Offers A Very Different Look At The Joker And Harley Quinn

Posted to Instagram by official set photoprapher Clay Enos, the image above offers up an alternate view of and scene that didn't ultimately make it into the final cut of the movie. While some extra shots were unveiled in the extended cut, the full scene has remained unrevealed - reportedly because it made the duo's relationship even more obviously abusive. Clearly, this was quite a prudent decision on the part of the studio, but regardless, this makes the image above an intriguing curio - one which offers us a brief, teasing glimpse at the very different that we almost saw in theaters.

Whether an alternate cut would have solved the problems that many fans - and critics - had with the movie remains a mystery, one that not even an extended cut can fully solve.

What do you reckon, though? Would you have liked to have seen far more of The Joker in the final cut of Suicide Squad? Let us know below!


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