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Haters gon' hate, but if early reviews are any indication, Paz de la Huerta will be riding Nurse 3D's hypodermic needle all the way to Midnight Screenings for years to come:

Even though this movie isn't getting a wide release (I really hope I can find it in 3D somewhere), a petition is asking Lionsgate to "pull "Nurse 3D" and make amends to the nursing profession for this horrific depiction of nursing." Turns out there are haters... Here's the spiel:

The imagery in Nurse 3D unites the nursing profession's naughty and battle-axe images in one unsavory package of sex and violence, and so it suggests that nursing is all about mindless feminine extremes, rather than important work for skilled health professionals of both genders. These stereotypes undermine real nurses' claims to adequate respect and resources.

The global nursing shortage kills millions of people every year. A key underlying cause of the shortage is lack of respect for nurses. When the public continues to see nurses in terms of stereotypes--like the naughty nurse who exists to have sex with people, or the sadistic battle-axe--nurses have a hard time getting the respect and resources they need to save lives. The lack of funding for nursing education, research, residencies and clinical practice drives the nursing shortage. Then nurses can't give the quality or quantity of care that you or your loved ones need. They can't teach patients how to prevent or treat their illnesses, and they can't properly advocate for patients to prevent, for instance, surgeons amputating the wrong leg

Are you offended by Nurse 3D's depiction of nursing? Or do you just want to see Paz de la Huerta as a naked homicidal maniac? Let me know below and on Twitter



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