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**Spoilers for The Walking Dead and Negan's victim follow, so if you wouldn't like it spoiled, don't read on!**

In the words of Negan himself, "It's going to be pee-pee pants city here real soon."

And with The Walking Dead Season 7 almost upon us, that's exactly what it's going to be. From the series' premiere way back in 2010, up until the newest season starts in a few short weeks, The Walking Dead has been a part of many of our lives — for seven years! And in those seven years, we've traveled alongside Rick and the group every single step of the way. It's been a hectic and emotional ride, and we have just now reached the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, we've seen the group come across some pretty rotten and disgusting people before: The Governor and his goons, Joe and the Claimers, Gareth and the Cannibals (sick f**kers!), Dawn and the police, Owen and the Wolves. But now, it's the worst of all: Negan and the Saviors. We've only seen about thirteen minutes of Negan at the end of Season 6, but pull up your pants, ladies and gents, because we've got a lot of time to spend with this sadistic motherf**ker.

Quite a few fans predict Negan isn't gonna be that bad a guy, that nobody can be worse than the Governor was. Sorry to break it to those folks, but anyone who's familiar with the comics knows Negan is gonna get a whole lot worse.

The Speculation We've Seen Thus Far

Ever since the Season 6 finale, there has been an insane amount of speculation, moreso than almost any other movie or television show to date. But by far the biggest topic of conversation and theorizing regarding is who got Lucilled at the end of last season.

The three runner-ups for who people think got their heads bashed in are Daryl (because the very convincing blanket lying on the ground in the latest promo for the show and because he isn't in the comics), Abraham (because that's who the countdown landed on, and he hasn't been seen filming), Maggie and the baby (because she also hasn't been seen filming, it would make narrative sense, but we also know that in the comics, she moves on over to the Hilltop) and Glenn (because the comics, hasn't been seen filming, and many other reasons which I'll touch on in a bit).


Who do you think got Lucilled, out of those four (as of now)?

Though after what you read here, I think you'll be relatively more calm until the Season 7 premiere...hopefully).

What I Figured Out From The Latest Promo

While watching the latest promo for the show (above), I noticed something very interesting, and I'd like to apologize in advance for the sucky screenshot of mine you'll see below. We know the exact order in which the group is placed, and believe me everyone, AMC isn't gonna change the line-up because that would result in a whole bunch of problems/errors and such. From left to right it goes, Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene.

We know that Negan killed somone, but now we know exactly who. You might have to squint to see it perfectly, but the girl directly to the right of Negan is Rosita Espinoza. We know it's not Maggie because she now has short hair, and it's not Michonne because she has dreads.

You may notice a head to the left of Negan. It's not Glenn's head, but the head of one of The Saviors! I couldn't capture it perfectly, but what I saw was a bald-headed dude wearing a muscle-shirt or something similar ("Sun's Out, Guns Out" I guess). So that means that we can figure out that...

Negan Killed Glenn!

Before we continue, I want you to take note of the lighting on Negan's jacket. The group was in front of the RV, and on either side of them were cars shining their lights, so where Negan is standing is at the far end of the line where Glenn would've been.

How do I know that Negan Lucilled Glenn Rhee though? Well, we know that Glenn was placed right beside Rosita, and since that head has been ruled out as a Savior's, it's most definitely the man of the hour. Now, if you watch the promo above and you get to the 3:20 mark, you'll see the clip from which I took that screenshot. You'll probably notice that Negan hits straight down from where he's standing, but slightly to the right of him. Why? Well, because Glenn is already on the ground, of course!

In the sneak peek above, when Negan drags Rick inside (probably to talk and chop off Rick's hand as the rumors have been suggesting for a few seasons now) the camera pans out onto the ruins of the bashed-in head of Negan's victim. Among the teeth, blood, and flesh, we see something shiny in the midst of all the nasty.

It's Glenn's pocket watch. Glenn's watch was given to him by his father-in-law, Hershel, as we know. At first, people thought it to be Maggie's ring, but once you look closer, and compare it to the's a watch. The other thing you might notice is that in the bottom right corner of the image, you'll see some short, dark and curly hair. It could be that Negan allowed the group to disperse a little after the bashing, so the hair is Maggie's and she's crying over his body...or it's some of Glenn's. You can hear crying, so it's probably the latter.

One of the sad things is that Glenn has had his death foreshadowed more than once, but not many caught on to it: The photos Glenn found at the TV station, or the baseball bat and barbed-wire reference in Season 5, or even his apparent death earlier in Season 6.

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Where Does That Leave Abraham?

If you've read the comics, you might remember that Abraham dies by getting shot by an arrow. Right afterward, Alexandria is attacked by Negan and his mighty band of Saviors. My guess is that a similar thing is going to take place given that two deaths were confirmed for the season premiere (along with other things), and because the below image suggests it as well.

We'll know exactly what happened when The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23. And just remember, you can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, we're all gonna be doing that!

Do you think Glenn was the one who got Lucilled? Tell me in the comments below!


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