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Dania Lerman

...if Pixar invaded them, that is.

Thanks to these mash-ups of Pixar-style Oscar nominees, we now know it's a FACT that Pixar should completely RUN the film industry. They should make ALL movies, ALL posters, cast their own characters, and, while they're at it, go ahead and host the Oscars too. Here's proof:

See the whole series here.

1) Her

Um...the eyes? They're perfect? How is that possible?

2) Dallas Buyers Club

Woody's stance is just...SO spot on I just...just...I'm dying.

3) Nebraska

This is totally the epitome of could walk right by, not notice, do a second take, and then...giggle. Forever.

4) Wolf of Wall Street

Well NOW I see why Leo didn't win...they just needed to cast Syndrome. DUHHH!

5) American Hustle

Fact: If Christian Bale had a rat, American Hustle would've gotten an Oscar.

6) Philomena

Even the story fits!

On that note...just keep sharing, sharing, sharing...


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