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Scott Pierce

I'm not one to really believe in the Illumaniti, conspiracy theories, or cursed souls, but I firmly believe that anything remotely connected to the super rich Winkelvoss twins is destined to fail.

The latest evidence: The Lone Ranger's disastrous attempt at resuscitating a dead franchise on a $250 million budget, superstar in redface, and putting , that guy on Gossip Girl who got a really big break playing the Winklevoss twins The Social Network, behind the iconic Ranger mask. You probably heard that the movie did really poorly, critically and commercially. But you want to know how bad? It's reportedly going to cost Disney $190 million. The Winkelvoss twins are cursed, Kemosabe.

Fortunately for the House of Mouse, the hit won't have a huge longterm impact, considering how well ESPN is doing right now. Not only that, they still have Marvel and Star Wars properties that will undoubtedly continue to generate a huge amount of revenue.

Did you guys see the movie? If not, I still highly encourage you to have a bad movie double feature.

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