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Cosplay, the art of dressing up in costume as your favorite character or a fabulous creation of your own, is has become an international pastime in recent years. The annual San Diego Comic Con alone draws in nearly 150,000 cosplayers and fans as well as being a prestigious event for A-list celebrities to attend.

Celebrities are no stranger to cosplaying themselves, in fact. Daniel Radcliffe has been known to slip on a Spiderman suit, and Ryan Reynolds recently snuck into a convention with a Darth Vadar mask.

Cosplaying takes some serious costume construction and it's helpful to know a thing or two about makeup if you really want to rule as cosplay royalty.

One such celebrity who could reign as a cosplay queen is Taylor Swift. Can you imagine running into T. Swift dressed as Black Widow or Rapunzel? I mean, we already know she can pull off Deadpool.

However, one cosplayer who is gaining attention proves she not only has the skills to stand out on her own, but that could as well.

April Gloria is a dead-ringer for the pop star and she has flawlessly replicated Swift's look several times; sharing her impressive efforts on Instagram. She also just so happens to be an excellent cosplayer.

In an interview with Cosplay & Coffee, April stated that she started cosplaying way before she was recognized as a Taylor Swift look-a-like.

" When I started cosplay I had dark brown hair and did a lot of heavy smoky eye looks with nude lips and straighter bold brows. I started getting comparisons in late 2014 when I went blonde, started doing more cat eye/red lip combo looks, and embraced my natural arched brows."

She goes on to say that she definitely doesn't mind being compared to the international singer, considering Swift is so stunning. (We agree, April.) She admits that she doesn't get mistaken for Swift very often, but people do give her a second glance.

And why not? She's just as gorgeous.

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April says that she's definitely a T. Swift supporter and is also a huge Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Elder Scrolls fan. In fact, she's done some pretty impressive cosplays of characters from those properties. It just goes to show that April has a lot more talent to offer than just being a Taylor Swift look-a-like. However, her success as a cosplayer also proves the pop singer could do the same and gives us an excellent idea of what she'd look like dressed in costume as one of the characters April has decided portray throughout her cosplay career.

You can check out some more of her absolutely stunning cosplays on her Instagram and see the rest of April's interview here.

Check out even more cosplay geeky goodness in the video below.

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